Two oil tankers are attacked near the Strait of Hormuz as Houthis are increasing their attacks on Saudi Arabia

Two oil tankers were damaged in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. The Taiwan state oil company believes one vessel was hit by a torpedo.

One was heading from Abu Dhabi to Taiwan, the other from Saudi Arabia to Singapore.

It happened near the key Strait of Hormuz, which links the Middle East's oil producers to the rest of the world.

Thursday's incident is not the first - almost a month ago four tankers were attacked off the Emirati coast.

The US has accused Iran of quote 'almost certainly' being behind the attacks - Iran has dismissed the accusations.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have long been in dispute over the war in Yemen.

Houthis have repeatedly hit targets inside Saudi Arabia, their latest missile attack on Wednesday on Abha airport.

Saudi Arabia blames Iran for supporting the Houthis and threatening the region's security - which Iran again denies.

So, could the tensions spiral out of control?

Nasser Arrabyee, Yemeni journalist

Simon Mabon, senior lecturer in International Studies at Lancaster University

Imadaldin Al-Jubouri, political analyst and author

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