High ponytails aren’t easy to pull off, and therefore Camila Cabello seeked advice from the expert Ariana Grande.

Camila Cabello was all smiles at the MTV EMAS that took place in Bilbao, Spain last night. She was up against Ariana Grande in six different categories and made sure to thank her rival and friend during one of her wins.

Camila took home a total of four gongs: Best Artist, Best US Act, Best Song and Best Video for her chart-topping track Havana.

She joked around on social media tweeting the Thank You Next singer, QUOTE “I just did a high ponytail for the first time and it is literally pulling on my BRAIN ITS SO PAINFUL HOW DO YOU DO IT @ArianaGrande”.

The internet was definitely relating to this, one user wrote- “I relate to this tweet so much. This is exactly what I look after I stretched tf out of my head trying to do ariana’s high ponytail.”

To what Ari replied, "well u actually have hair so that prolly makes it a lil more painful," Grande said. "nah jk i’m in constant pain always and don’t care at all."

Cabello then joked a bit referencing Ariana’s latest song by writing, "I had to take it off #thankunext."

Tons of photos of Camila pre and post red carpet showing her visibly in pain and smiling after she got rid of the ponytail were being shared on twitter as well as hilarious memes.

Meanwhile, Grande kept on with the humor and said "awwww so happy for u, u still feel things, "MUST BE NICE *crying and smiling*."And then of course Ari and Camila proved that they’ve rekindled their wife relationship when Ari said, “and also ...... i never thought you’d ask. come home bb girl.”

While Ariana did say her new album will not have any collabs, could Ariana possibly be on Camila’s next album please? What do you guys think of the high ponytail pain, can you relate? Sound off in the comments section down below, click right over here for more and of course don’t forget to subscribe to our channels. I’m your host Amy Cassandra Martinez and I’ll see you next time!

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