Two thousand five hundred: that's the number of people the Bahamian Government have said are officially registered as missing in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. But amid the chaos, relief, as families find each other again. SOT"I went out here on three o'clock in the morning on Thursday looking for my family. But I didn't find that on Thursday and yesterday, I find some people. I find my Mummy, and then I find my sister and my auntie." With thousands displaced by Dorian, emergency shelters are overwhelmed with demand. Such accomodation is where the Government believe most of the misssing are living. But it's not always safe. SOT "We left because the wires in there were kind of hazard to the children. You can't have exposed electrical wires with small babies around cos they crawl all over the place. So now we're kinda like just staying in between friends." The Government has warned it expects the death toll to rise sharply as search and rescue crews continue to look through ruined homes. Aid is also pouring into the country. Eleven million dollars from the US state of Florida alone.But whilst help from abroad is welcome, for thousands of Bahamians the rebuilding of their lives will continue long after the international community have moved on.

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CGTN 21 Sep 2019 06:23 CEST

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