From handwritten cards to candies saying, “Kiss me,” Valentine’s Day is full of little messages that let you know your partner is the one for you.

It’s also a day to kiss people goodbye if you’re in a rocky relationship.

Blame it on something called ‘Valentighting.’

It’s a dating trend sure to wreck your Valentine’s Day, and one that’ll have folks worried every February.

Unlike getting ghosted, when the person you’re dating just disappears, ‘Valentighting’ is when you get dumped right before Valentine’s Day.

Thank Metro UK writer Ellen Scott for the term.

Scott says it’s a combination of Valentine’s Day and being too much of a tightwad to buy a gift.

A dating coach tells HuffPost it’s not always about the money.

It can be about one person’s fear that the gift will be seen as an investment in the relationship when they’re not fully on board and don’t see a future with the other person.

Basically, your ex is being cheap and has commitment issues in this scenario.

Dating experts say Valentine’s Day makes couples reflect on the relationship to see what is or isn’t working.

They add if someone dumps you to get out of getting a gift, they’re not the one for you anyway.