An Australian man who is being tested for a deadly new strain of coronavirus has been released from home isolation in Brisbane.

He is, however still under supervision for any signs of the illness after returning from China with flu-like symptoms.

There are growing concerns the outbreak could turn into a global epidemic.

Chinese authorities have confirmed the virus can be spread through human contact.

The new strain was first reported in the city of Wuhan, one of China's biggest cities.

It’s since spread to other Chinese cites and overseas.

There have been confirmed cases in Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

Four people have died from the illness and more than 200 have been infected.

But some experts estimate the actual numbers could be more than eight times that.

The risk in Australia is currently considered low, but authorities say there is no vaccine for the new virus.

China correspondent Bill Birtles reports.

Image: Science Photo Library/PASIEKA

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