Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the political situation in Bolivia had developed in such a way that "there is no power at all”, speaking at a press conference after the BRICS summit in Brasilia on Thursday.

“There is no power, [only] anarchy. Generally, it reminds me of Libya. Although there are no direct external armed invasions, the country is actually on the verge of chaos," said Putin.

Commenting on the S-400 supplies to India, the Russian leader noted that "everything is going according to the plan".

"Indian colleague [Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi] doesn’t ask to accelerate anything, everything is going well. India has 1,35 billion of people; maybe, now it is even more. It is a sovereign state that appreciates its sovereignty. And here we can see that, despite any external suppression, India abide by its commitments, just like Russia does,” he said.

Putin noted that his meeting with the Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky was dependent on initial negotiations in the framework of the Normandy Format.

"If we are going to have a meeting, then why do we have to fuss and run to unprepared meetings. I don't think anyone's interested in it. Neither I nor President Zelensky, have to leave with any results. We are in touch anyway; we are on the phone with him. We have full contact. But we need to come to some decisions," added Russian president.

The President also noted Russia's readiness to work with Ukraine on the transit of Russian gas to Europe and on supplies to Ukraine itself.

"We are ready to do it with prices lower than the prices Ukraine is paying for Russian gas from Europe. I want everyone to understand: reverse is impossible, gas cannot flow halfway into one direction, and halfway into the other. This is nonsense, you see. This is absolutely unreal,” said Putin.


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