Brazil: Senator Cid Gomes shot by striking police

Brazilian Senator Cid Gomes was shot on Wednesday after breaking into a protest led by military police in the city of Sobral, in the state of Caera, in northeast Brazil.

Footage shows a group of demonstrators in front of the access to the Military Police Battalion in the Sobral municipality, which was blocked by police officers. Then, a bulldozer driven by the senator advances over the entrance gate. But before it manages to get through, the sound of several shots is heard. Two of them wounded the parliamentarian who was taken in a car to a local hospital.

Gomes did not suffer any injuries to vital organs and is out of danger of death.

Gomes is a member of the Brazilian Socialist Party and was Minister of Education during the government of Dilma Rousseff.

According to local press reports, Gomes had gave an ultimatum to the striking police officers to unlock the gate, before taking on the bulldozer.

Mandatory credit: O Sobralense

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