Hundreds of students gathered in front of Sao Paulo's Mackenzie University to protest in favour and against a visit of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to the school on Wednesday.

Mostly criticising the military dictatorship instituted in Brazil in 1964, the anti-Bolsonaro group chanted mottos calling the president "fascist" and held banners and signs reading phrases like "#NotHim" and "Stop making stupid people president."

"They invite us to come here, but when a racist comes over, they don't take any action. We feel very embarrassed to know that this is the posture of our Institution. But it is not shared by the students, as you can see here today," said one of the anti-Bolsonaro protesters.

A group of pro-Bolsonaro students was also present, holding Brazilian flags and a banner reading "Bolsonaro." There were heated arguments between the two groups.

According to reports, the purpose of the visit was to follow a research on graphene, but the Brazilian president cancelled the visit due to protests.

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