Activists marched through Rio de Janeiro on Sunday to protest against president Jair Bolsonaro's environmental policies as wildfires continue in the Amazon.

"This event is one of several happening in Brazil, in cities across the country. It's a national mobilisation to defend the Amazon," said Alessandro Molon, the opposition leader in Brazil's Chamber. He blamed deforestation for the recent increase in the numbers of wildfires.

President Bolsonaro, previously described rainforest protection as an obstacle to Brazil's economic development.

"I believe that this is the biggest crisis in Bolsonaro's government until now. There are international repercussions for very valid reasons and it's a very urgent matter. It's not about ideology. It's not about left, right or center. It's a matter of survival for the planet and humanity. I believe pressing the government to protect the Amazon is a priority," said investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald at the rally.

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