A huge spill of unknown origin left a beach near Aracaju, in Brazil's Sergipe state, covered with oil on Friday. Thick crude oil has been washing up on hundreds of kilometres of beaches in nine northeastern states for several weeks, affecting marine life and the local population.

Workers were deployed to the beach to remove the oil, as well as the contaminated sand, which was bagged up and moved to a separate location.

"As soon as the oil gets on the beach we cannot fish, our nets get dirty. The fishes disappear. Nobody helps us, we ask what is going on but nobody says anything," said fisherman from Sergipe.

According to the country's Environment Minister, Ricardo Salles, more than 100 tonnes of oil had already been collected from the coastline.

There have been a lot of speculations on the origin of the oil. Speaking at a session of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee on Wednesday, Salles said the oil "very likely from Venezuela" spilled "accidentally or not."

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