Another brigade of Brazilian troops and military planes were deployed in Porto Velho to help fight the fires raging through the Amazon rainforest in Brazil's western state of Rondonia on Tuesday, as over 1,500 new fires were reported to have broken out across the country in recent days.

According to Major Paixao, a staff of 900 men, 150 army vehicles and 20 aircraft belonging to the 17th Army Brigade, have been sent to aid the fight against the raging fires in the region.

"The brigade had already started acting with the objective of combating environmental crimes with the priority at that time for hot spots and fire points, still on Saturday. So the brigade troops have been on the ground since last Saturday" Major Paixao said.

"Since the moment we have been there, there has been a significant reduction of the hot spots" he added.

The Amazon rainforest, producing nearly 20 percent of earth's oxygen and often referred to as 'planet's lungs', has been suffering the worst ever fires recorded for the pasts weeks, affecting Brazil, Bolivia and Peru.

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