Thousands of people attended a burial ceremony for 86 Bosniak Muslims in the village of Hambarine near the town of Prijedor on Saturday. Their remains were found in a mass grave in the area where were executed by Bosnian Serb forces in August 1992.

''I'm glad that I found him [brother]. He can find peace now. It is hard to explain my feelings now. It is hard'', said Armin Alisic, brother of one of the victims.

The victims were told they would be released in a prisoners swap deal but instead were lined up at the edge of a ravine in Koricani Cliffs and shot dead. Only a dozen of nearly 200 men survived the massacre.

''There is co-existence in Prijedor, but to ensure it, our fellow residents [Serbs] should tell us where the remains of our loved ones are. We are still searching for more than 300 missing residents of Prijedor. We don't even know where their bones are. Among them is my mother, two brothers and sister'', said Zijad Basic, one of the survivors.


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VOA News 26 Feb 2020 17:06 CET

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