Anybody can learn to cook by following a recipe, but parents are the ones who give us the recipe for success in the kitchen.

Here are 5 cooking tips our parents taught us as we try adulting on our own.

Don’t be afraid of cooking with a little fat.

The folks at foodie website The Daily Meal say to always add more butter than the recipe calls for because that’s where the flavor comes from; and why grandma’s potatoes taste better than yours.

Some say to you shouldn’t serve new dishes to guests, but it’s a great way to trust yourself in the kitchen, try new recipes, and your parents probably did this more than you think, according to foodie website

When you’re hungry but don’t know what to cook, a California-based chef tells Food & Wine the best thing to do is what dad taught him; tip over the refrigerator and cook what falls out.

The idea is that by MacGyvering a meal out of stuff in the fridge teaches you to be resourceful, frugal and creative.

It sounds bizarre but using dental floss before eating is key.

Not for teeth, but for cutting sticky, doughy ingredients like soft cheeses.

The Daily Meal says you can expect clean cuts without the mess.

Just make sure it’s unscented!

When your first bite happens after all of the ingredients are on the plate, you’re doing it wrong. says a pro tip learned from parents is to taste the dishes as you go so you can make adjustments and build flavor.

See, you really were born with good taste!


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