Bolivia's interim government has called on the services of the International Criminal Police Organisation to detain this man...the country's former President.The Interior Minister says he's contacted Interpol to arrest Evo Morales - with a view to stopping him from travelling to Chile where he's been apparently asked to take part in a human rights event. SOT Arturo Murillo, Bolivia's interim interior minister"It's so that he can't just do as he pleases. Evo Morales owes Bolivians a lot of explanations - and he has debts to pay //// We're waiting for him. Let him come back to Bolivia, here are the handcuffs to take him to prison...and not for political reasons, not for persecution, but for terrorism."In a tweet, Morales has denied that he's received any invitation from the government in Santiago.This though is not the first time a warrant has been issued for Morales' arrest...A first warrant was circulated back in November, after the leftist leader stood down and fled to Mexico - amid protests over his narrow and disputed win in the presidential eleciton. News of this interpol arrest document came as Bolivia's chief anti-corruption investigator announced that a total of 592 ex-officials - including Morales and his former top brass - are being probed for suspected corruption.The first findings from the inquiry, which also involves several state companies, are due to be published in April...that's a month before fresh presidential elections are scheduled to take place.In an interview this January, Morales has ruled out standing as a candidate, but has vowed to return to Bolivia by next Christmas.

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