Thousands of indigenous supporters of former Bolivian President Evo Morales marched in La Paz on Wednesday, voicing their support for Morales and denouncing a "coup" after Senate leader Jeanine Anez declared herself interim president on Tuesday.

Footage shows protesters marching through the streets of the Bolivian capital carrying Bolivian and Whipalas flags while chanting in favour of Morales and against opposition politicians Carlos Mesa, Fernando Camacho, and Anez.

"They have carried out a coup d'etat against us, but not only that, last night Ms. Jeanine Anez became the self-proclaimed president. We are against that right now. We simply want to ask for her resignation at once" said Jaime Alquizalet, a demonstrator.

"As of last night, we are living like in dictatorship times. They are hunting our leaders, they are hunting... It's very likely that they'll see me and want my head too," he said.

Another protester, Yolanda Albarrazin, said the divisions are being caused by racism. "They persecute us, as Bolivians, those from El Alto. They discriminate against us because we come from El Alto and La Paz. They call us 'collas' [term for highland indigenous groups]. They discriminate against those who wear skirts [referring to indigenous women] and we won't allow it to happen," she said.

On Sunday, Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his resignation, following weeks of unrest in the wake of the disputed October 20 presidential election. Morales said he had received threats from opposition leaders and was eventually forced by the country's military to step down.

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