At least one protester died and two were injured during a police and military operation at the Senkata hydrocarbons plant in the Bolivian city of El Alto, next to La Paz, on Tuesday.

Footage shows a group of people carrying a body covered by blankets to an ambulance.

"It's a shame to see a comrade die in this way, because he died in my hands. Seeing it was a shot in the heart, how sad to see something like that," said the doctor who tried to save the protester's life.

Earlier on Tuesday, tankers full of gas and fuel escorted by police and soldiers broke through a group of protesters blocking the hydrocarbons plant.

Demonstrations in El Alto, a stronghold of indigenous and farmers movements supporting former President Evo Morales, have intensified in recent days. Since Morales was forced to resign on November 10th, 21 people have been killed in Bolivia according to figures from the Ombudsman's Office.

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