Billie Eilish has been getting a lot of flack this week for a whole lot of nothing. And this time, the drama stems 10 years back to some meat and MTV.

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and remember earlier this week when people were mad at Billie for not knowing who Van Halen was? Well now, people are upset that they think she supposedly, allegedly dissed a more contemporary artist.

It all started on stan Twitter, as most feuds do.

A Lady Gaga fan account posted a video of Billie and her brother Finneas talking about old Grammys fashion.

Maybe you saw her on Jimmy Kimmel where she said that she remembers watching the Grammys every year with her family and judging all of the women’s dresses while she was growing up.

Well, she said that again in this mini interview with her brother, and the two start talking about old iconic fashion from past Grammy awards.

But whether it was at the Grammys or not, you legally cannot talk about fashion without bringing up Lady Gaga’s raw meat dress.

However, maybe Billie was just saying “yikes” because she knew the interviewer got it wrong; the meat dress was NOT a Grammys event.

Lady Gaga shocked the world when she wore it to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

But she’s most likely not saying yikes because the interviewer got the show wrong. Maybe it’s probably because Billie is a lifelong vegan.

And to be honest, when I heard Billie’s “Yikes” I thought it’s probably because “YIKES!, that was a show stopping moment, like ‘Yikes’ that dress literally went down in the history books.

Either way, the one word response to the cultural event of 2010 sparked a huge online debate between Lady Gaga fans and Billie Eilish fans.

It all started off innocently enough, with the initial Lady Gaga fan account who posted the video, captioning it:

“Billie Eilish & Finneas talked about Lady Gaga's meat dress and 2011 Grammy red carpet look during an interview with Variety!”

But it really took off from there in the comments.

One person said “She wouldn’t be a mainstream pop star if it wasn’t for gaga’s impact this decade”

And within minutes, the hashtag “Billie Eilish Is Over Party” was trending.

With more comments of people coming for Billie like “What's going on with this girl. Joking about gaga when she doesn't know what a fashion icon is? “

The initial video was tweeted yesterday. And as of this morning, hashtag Billie Eilish is Over Party is still one of the top trends on twitter

I mean, can we please chill with hashtags like these?

Billie Eilish is certainly not over. No matter what the hashtag ever says!

That’s because Billie Eilish will never be over, especially if her fans have anything to say about it.

A lot of them came to her defense, saying things like “IMAGINE this: a young vegan seeing an entire OUTFIT made out of meat and saying “ew”.. BITCH SAME WTF that shit is gross”

Or “People are really on here arguing with a 17-year-old and the children that follow her for an opinion about something that happened 10 years ago like it matters.... Pleaaaassse”

And they’re right. This happened nearly 10 years ago at the 2010 VMAs.

Like, Billie Eilish was just 7 years old when Gaga wore this dress.

And to be real, Billie Eilish is allowed to not like a dress made of meat. Just like she’s allowed to not know who Van Halen is. And whether she likes it or not, the meat dress is was an iconic moment in pop-culture and fashion history.

Like, name one other dress that someone wore 10 years ago? I’ll wait! See!

So both sides need to take a step back and let each other live, because Billie isn’t the only star who maybe didn’t love Gaga’s dress when she wore it back in the day.

Like look at this photo of Katy Perry, Kesha, Jaden Smith, and Justin Bieber all reacting to Gaga walking out on stage in the dress for the first time.

They all look pretty appalled by it!

ontrolled glass case in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

And at the time, another vegetarian singer, Morrissey, gave his stamp of approval to the dress, saying that he felt the dress was acceptable, as long as it was for a social or political statement, and not just a "loony idea”.

So that’s all I’ve got for you this time. Let me know what you think about the whole thing in the comments section below. Still thinking of about Gaga’s meat dress? Do you think Billie’s comment has been blown out of proportion? Chat it out in the comment section below.

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