Bernie LITERALLY Hands CNN Receipts

Bernie Sanders is constantly asked how he’ll pay for that. He literally handed CNN the answer. John Iadarola and Emma Vigeland, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

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“During CNN’s town hall in South Carolina, Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders somewhat dramatically pulled several documents out of his jacket and handed them to moderator Chris Cuomo as part of his answer when confronted by a likely Joe Biden supporter about how he will fund all his ambitious plans.

The just-released documents, Sanders claimed, could also be found on a new page of his campaign website, which he claimed will provide clear details of how he would raise enough money to pay for all his major policy plans, including Medicare for All, free public college, canceling all student debt, and universal pre-Kindergarten and child care.

“Here is what I want to do, I’m going to give this to you,” Sanders said, removing several sheets of paper from inside jacket pocket and handing them to Cuomo. “I thought that might come up, this is a list that will be on our website tonight of how we pay for every program that we have developed,” he added, as cheers arose from the audience.”

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