French President Emmanuel Macron said he wanted the UK to remain 'an close partner' after leaving the European Union. Macron commented on the results of the UK general election and Brexit during a news conference in Brussels on Friday.

"First of all my wish is that the United Kingdom remains an ally, a friend and an extremely close partner," said Macron, adding that the results confirmed the choice made by the British voters more than three and a half years ago.

"The condition is that we manage to define the rules of a fair relationship," said Macron, before adding that "if we do not have this regulatory convergence and do not move forward on these topics, we will not be able to conclude an ambitious trade agreement," said Macron.

EU leaders have been giving national briefings and interviews after the second day of the European Council meeting in Brussels on Friday.

As part of the two-day summit, they were expected to discuss the EU’s long-term budget as well as Brexit and the preparations for the negotiations on the future of the EU-UK relations.

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