Raoni Metuktire, chief of the Kayapo people from the Brazilian Amazon, joined protesters at a Youth for Climate march in Brussels on Friday, to ask for support in the fight against environmental degradation in Brazil.

Addressing the crowd, he asked for help against the destruction of forests and the killing of animals. “Why am I worried about Brazil? When a farmer goes and destroys nature, what happens to all of us? The winds will become very strong and will destroy us all, kill us all. It’s not only about the indigenous people, it’s about all of you too,” said Raoni.

Activists marched through the city centre, holding banners and chanting to call attention to environmental issues. “Through the strength of chief Raoni, who is known abroad and is leading this movement, I believe that politicians will realise that we can’t destroy the Amazonas. By destroying the Amazonas, we are destroying ourselves and humanity in general,” said Brazilian activist Ramiro Magalhaes.

Chief Raoni arrived in Europe on Sunday for a three-week trip to meet with national leaders to request support against the exploitation of indigenous lands and to raise funds for the preservation of the Xingu Indigenous National Park, in Brazil. According to reports, he met with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday and will head to Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco and Italy where he will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

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