After 18 years of hard work, Kung Fu practitioner Zhang Chengqiang was able to walk on water and jump over it in a streak of lightning speed, as showed in footage filmed in Chongqing, China on Wednesday.

Zhang, 28, who was trained in a Kung Fu school since childhood and used to be a Kung Fu stand-in for action movies, is now a Kung Fu teacher in the city of Chongqing. Zhang Chengqiang accumulated his experience and skills to create what he calls the 'Light Kung Fu style.'

"A good Kung Fu practitioner always has good leaping ability, flexibility and body harmony. I created new moves by combining basic skills. That's why my acts are challenging and visual," he said.

Inspiring beginners and urging them to be patient and practice basic skills is the message which Zhang has for those interested in Kung Fu. "Good Kung Fu always takes time and you should believe in yourself. I am not the best at Kung Fu, but I hope more Kung Fu practitioners can join me," he explained.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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