"Veronica" just arrived on Netflix and is so terrifying, people are turning it off before finishing it.

It is set in 1991 Madrid, where a girl named Veronica holds a séance and later begins experiencing supernatural events. "Veronica" touts itself as a movie based on true events and a real police report.

Her death is unknown but the reports show she began having seizures and telling her parents about seeing shadowy "evil" figures.

Her parents placed a frantic call to 911 after her death when they began experiencing mysterious events, including seeing shadowy figures in their house and even feeling as if a pair of invisible hands had grabbed them.

The director of "Veronica" says its a popular story in Spain, mainly because police rarely write "paranormal" events down in an official report. You can stream "Veronica" now on Netflix.


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NBA 22 Mar 2019 02:48 CET