Ballots from Quarantined Israeli Voters Counted

CORONAVIRUS: Amid fears over the new coronavirus, Israel's Central Elections Committee members wore masks and gloves as they counted ballots cast by quarantined Israelis, Wednesday, March 4.

READ MORE: Traditionally, both informed analysts and the broader public in the Arab states have taken an indifferent stance toward the outcome of Israel's increasingly frequent elections.

But with new borders envisioned by U.S. President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan and a heightened profile for the Joint List of Israel's Arab-majority political parties — results from Monday's election are being closely watched in Amman and Cairo.

The Joint List put opposition to the Trump Plan at the top of its campaign agenda.

"Ordinary Egyptians do not care about elections in the world in general, and Israel in particular," said Saeed Okasha, in-house Israeli affairs analyst for the quasi-governmental Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies.


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