There’s a famous song about two less lonely people in the world once they find each other.

But new research shows Air Supply may need to rewrite the lyrics.

People addicted to dating apps may also be lonely and socially anxious.

Take it from new research out of Ohio State University.

Two-hundred and sixty-nine college students who used dating apps were surveyed.

Folks who described themselves as lonely and socially anxious were so hooked on the apps, all of that looking for love got in the way of work and school.

Researchers think it’s because dating apps act as a security blanket for anxious types.

As in, they prefer to meet people online rather than in person.

Even the chat messages for those with social anxiety didn’t happen IRL – or in real life.

They preferred in-app messaging.

Researchers think it’s because these folks aren’t confident in their social skills.

The combo of being socially anxious and lonely led to compulsive use and negative outcomes, like getting in trouble in class for checking their phones.

The takeaway is to keep your usage in check, be choosy about your matches and take it slow.

Just because there are plenty of fish in the sea doesn’t mean you should take the bait.

And make sure you don’t get catfished!

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