Too much eggnog can take the holiday cheer right out of you the next morning.

If you want to avoid hangovers this holiday season – or anytime, for that matter, Bustle says you should reach for this drink.

Clear liquors like vodka and gin don’t have as many toxins as dark ones like rum and whiskey, according to the director of the alcohol research program at Loyola University.

Bustle says the expert was probably talking about congeners when she mentioned toxins.

Drinks with fewer congeners are less likely to cause hangovers than drinks with more congeners, according to the Mayo Clinic.

This leads to muscle aches and headaches because we lose a bunch of potassium and sodium as the kidney tries to flush out the toxic congeners with water.

That’s why it’s a good idea to add juice to your drink.

Fruit and vegetable juices pack extra vitamins, according to the alcohol expert at Loyola.

Fizzy drinks like sparkling wine and champagne are a recipe for a bad hangover.

The bubbles put pressure on your stomach, forcing booze into your bloodstream faster, according to the BBC.

Your best bet to avoid a hangover is to do what the Mayo Clinic suggests.

One glass of water for every alcoholic drink to stay hydrated and cut back on the amount of booze you’re drinking.

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