Thousands of people took the streets of Melbourne city centre to protest the government's inaction towards climate change, on Saturday.

Footage shows protesters marching with signs reading "100% renewable, 100% doable" and "Another world is possible."

"It's your own government that continues to put profits over the environment, profits over the planet and profit over human need," said Nowie, a climate activist, as she was addressing the crowd of demonstrators.

"This is the time for everybody to be courageous and step up and to stop protecting their own job in the face of an existential crisis for all of us," said one protester. "We need to stop the logging, stop the fossil fuelling and it's time for everyone to join in so that's what I'm trying to encourage," she continued.

Australia experienced one of its hottest winters amid heatwaves, as temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). The hot and dry weather conditions have led to severe and repeated bushfires.

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