With the help of artificial intelligence, the crew aboard Seeker is recording and analyzing up to 3,000 hours of underwater audio to create the most comprehensive soundscape of the Pacific Ocean.

Why You Can't Just Swim Straight Across the Ocean The Swim - https://youtu.be/Y-DfZueZ-e0

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A 51-year-old just began a 5,500-mile swim across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to San Francisco


"Throughout the entire trip, Lecomte and the boat accompanying him on the journey plan to collect samples and test the water, looking for everything from contamination from the Fukushima incident to the presence of microplastics in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch."

Typhoons Jongdari and Wukong Force Ben Lecomte and ‘The Swim' Back to Shore


"Severe storms have disrupted the long-distance swimmer's progress, but Lecomte is as determined as ever to forge ahead with his historic trans-Pacific journey."

Marine animals can hear us swim, kayak and scuba dive


"While it is obvious that things like boats and other water vehicles can be heard by marine life under the water, what about human activities like swimming, canoeing and scuba diving?"

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