Ariana Grande is adding two more lucky pups to her family. And their names are just magic

Happy Friday, guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Ari celebrated the one year anniversary of “God is a Woman” by rescuing two adorable new puppies

She named the pups after characters in her favorite movie franchise, Harry Potter.

The dogs were named after Ari’s favorite character, Professor Severus Snape and his long lost love Lily Potter.

She adopted them while on a stop in Denver for her Sweetener world tour.

Now we all know Ari looooves Harry Potter.

She’s a self-prescribed Slytherin

But what does she love even more than snape?

Like these are her 8th and 9th dogs.

And they’re not even the first named after Harry Potter characters.

Ariana adopted Sirius in 2015.

and Fawkes in 2014. Though Fawkes now lives with one of Ari’s friends because he couldn’t get along with all of his other pup brothers and sisters.

But hopefully Snape and Lily are welcomed with open paws by Toulouse and the rest of the gang.

Because these two new puppies are TOO adorable to ship back to Denver

Don’t you guys think? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Which pet of Ari is your favorite? And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Piggy Smalls.

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Sussan Dressed By Alice McCall

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