Halloween week always brings out the best in celebrities. Costumes give a sense of anonymity. Candy gives everyone a sugar rush. And people let their guards down and sometimes say, or comment, things they usually wouldn’t.

What’s up guys it’s Dani Golub here with Clevver News and we haven’t really gotten the chance to talk about Ariana Grande’s love life lately, since it’s been pretty quiet on that front.

But that might all be changing after an unexpected comment on Mikey Foster’s Instagram post.

If you’re wondering right now, “WHO?” let me remind you.

Mikey Foster is one half of the band “Social House”.

He’s helped write some of Ariana’s biggest songs like “7 Rings” and “Thank u Next”.

He was the singer and love interest in “Boyfriend”.

And the rumored love interest of Ariana Grande in real life as well.

Well, Mikey posted on Instagram on Sunday night asking his followers “What should I be for Halloween this year?”

And who did we see commented? None other than Ariana herself.

She said “First of all: home”.

And though she’s a frequent double-tapper of his posts, she really doesn’t comment often.

So this was QUITE a welcome surprise.

I guess she’s been missing him - Mikey has been on tour overseas with Social House for a while.

Their last US show was in Utah on July 13 - and they’ve been touring across Europe ever since.

But for the most part, Social House has been opening for Ariana’s Sweetener tour, which has been going on since March of this year.

Their last show together was October 16 in London, and from there the possible couple went their separate ways.

Social House continued to do shows for the next few days in London before going back to the United States to continue their US leg of the tour.

They were in Pennsylvania for their latest show last Thursday. And Ari is FINALLY taking a small break before her tour picks back up again in November.

Social House will be opening for her again, so one way or another, these star crossed lovers are sure to meet again soon.

But in the meantime, they’ll continue to face dating rumors and a bit of separation anxiety.

But some of those rumors are coming from inside their own family.

The relationship rumors started in early August - around the same time that the “boyfriend” video came out.

And shortly after that, Ariana’s brother Frankie basically confirmed that the two were dating.

He told reporters about how much he approved of Mikey and even told about a double date that him and his boyfriend went on with Ari and Mikey.

But I guess his little sister got ahold of him, because as quickly as he spilled about the relationship, he took it all back - saying that Ariana is very much single.

He said in a since deleted tweet, “My sister is not in a relationship. Everyone relax. She is very much single.”

And Ariana double downed on this claim, tweeting “Spoiler for the rest of this year/ probably my life: It’s No One. Please refer back to this tweet for future questions.”

But then a few short weeks after that, she posted a photo of her and Mikey and captioned it with a heart emoji.

Which I guess isn’t all that unusual for her.

But still, when Ari commented on Mikey’s latest post, fans of both of the musicians went wild.

One fan said “This is so cute stop”

And another said “Oh shoot I ship it”.

If these two are actually, in fact, a couple, I just hope that they help each other grow more. Ariana has had a number of problems with relationships in the past, including one that was just recently brought up by her manager Scooter Braun.

He recalled in 2016 when Ariana temporarily fired him from his position, and blamed a quote “shitty boyfriend”.

People quickly turned to Ricky Alvarez, Ariana’s back-up dancer who was mentioned in “Thank U Next” who Ariana dated for a few months in 2016, before starting her relationship with Mac Miller.

But since then, Ari has been keeping herself busy during her time off by sharing clips of the classic TV show “The Twilight Zone” - specifically from an episode where somebody ends up in a universe where everyone has a pig snout.

I’m uh, not too sure what this is supposed to mean but I really hope she and Piggy Smallz will be wearing matching costumes for Halloween this year.

But until we see, I want to hear what you think. Do you believe that Ariana and Mikey are dating? Or are they just bffs who are missing each other? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

And then make sure you subscribe to Clevver News in order to get all your favorite news stories right at the top of your feed! We’ll keep reporting as long as you keep watching. Until next time!

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