Scientists have just embarked on the world’s largest Arctic expedition. And their methods are quite unique.

Last month, hundreds of researchers from all over the world started the largest-ever Arctic expedition aboard a ship just over 500 kilometers from the North Pole.

The plan? To freeze the entire ship, embedding it in se ice for an entire year.

The Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate, or MOSAiC, will be studying the effects of a warming climate on the central Arctic’s atmosphere, ice, ocean, and ecosystems.

The project is the most ambitious climate crisis expedition ever attempted of the Arctic to date.

The ship will attach to a chosen ice floe and exist there for a whole year, building a base for research and experimentation to better understand Arctic climate change.

By drifting with the ice for a year, the team will be able to collect the necessary information to create better climate models to help inform what the Arctic will look like as it continues to warm.

Seeker sat down with co-coordinator of the MOSAiC expedition Matthew Shupe to learn more about the endeavor.

The researchers plan to collect data from the ship and upload their information to a database, making it accessible to their hundreds of MOSAiC colleagues worldwide. So we’ll just have to wait and see the anticipated results of this expedition that could help us better map the future of our planet.

Find out more about this icy adventure on this episode of Elements.

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