So, grab a knife, and start cutting.

The nation is sitting on a giant surplus of cheese, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Both Fox Business and NPR say the cheese problem just hit record numbers, as we’ve got too much cheese.

Try 1.4 million pounds just sitting in cold storage.

Boston’s NPR news station WBUR says it’s over 1 billion pounds of American, cheddar and Swiss cheese.

The funny thing is, Americans are eating more cheese now than ever before, according to WBUR.

It’s just not enough to keep up with the pace of milk production as numbers have jumped.

Since they don’t want the milk to go bad, suppliers turn extra milk into cheese since it’s less perishable, Fox Business says.

Another reason for the surplus?

Fortune says consumers are ditching processed cheeses, like American and domestic cheddars, and instead buying natural and imported cheeses.

And MarketWatch says that cheese had piled up in late 2018 because exports were down to both China and Mexico.

NPR says the record surplus of cheese is causing prices to drop.

It’s always nice to save some cheddar!

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