I know a lot of you maybe haven’t been watching the most recent season of Dancing With The Stars that is airing now on ABC. So you might have missed this latest performance and scandal with one of the members from Fifth Harmony.

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Ally Brooke, an ex-member of Fifth Harmony performed a dance called the rumba on Monday, September 30th’s episode of Dancing With the Stars.

It was “movie night” – an episode that happens once a year on the competition dancing show that matches celebrities with dancing experts. Movie night makes the pairs do a dance based off of a popular movie. James Van Der Beek, another contestant on the show, danced to “Shallow” from “A Star is Born”.

Karamo, another contestant from Queer Eye, danced to “I’m Still Standing” from the recent movie “Rocketman”. And Ally Brooke danced the Rumba to “Dreaming of You” by Selena.No, not that Selena. We’re talking about the original Selena. The Latin icon Selena. The Selena that popularized modern Spanish speaking music in American culture.

Ally Brooke did the thang in a dress that was reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez’s dress in the “Selena” movie that came out in 1997, two years after Selena died when she was shot on stage during one of her performances. Ally did her song in dedication to Selena and it was beautiful. She’s been doing pretty good in the competition so far, getting praise from most of the judges.

At least she’s doing better than former white house press secretary Sean Spicer, who is somehow still in the competition despite poor scores and an even poorer reaction from the American public. So Ally and her partner, professional dancer Sasha Farber, twirled and danced around the stage as rose petals floated down on them. Ally called Selena, who died when Ally was just 2 years old, her “idol”

Most of the judges loved her performance. Carrie Ann Inaba, host of “The Talk” and a professional dancer herself, said "I had chills the whole time!". Another judge Bruno Tonioli called the performance “beautiful”.

But not everyone bought her routine. Though most of the judges thought she did well, the head judge Len Goodman shamed Ally on her outfit, calling it a “skimpy whatever you call it”. And uh, he’s really showing his age here. Len is known for being on the old British version of “Dancing with the Stars”, called “Strictly Come Dancing”. I guess in that version all the women are dressed in head to toe gowns!

He’s the “simon cowell” of the show if you will - he’s always the strictest judge with the harshest criticism. Which, fine, criticise the dancing. But leave the girl’s outfit alone. She’s honoring the outfit from the movie. And it’s not Hustlers that she’s honoring, so I really don’t see anything wrong with it.

But it gets worse from there. After the outfit criticism, Ally still goes to give him a congratulatory high five. She got great scores overall and was excited for her performance.

But like in football, I guess Dancing with the Stars has a celebration penalty. When she went to give Len a high five he responded with this: Like, RUDE Len!

Ally doesn’t have cooties. And she tried to keep it cool, just reaffirming that she only tried to give him a high five. She went on again to honor Selena and her family, saying, “"I want to give them a shout out, all the Quintanillas. Suzette, we got to see her a few days ago. Selena's in my heart forever. I hope I made her proud." She also wore a Selena pin in her hair during the performance.

And after the show, she stepped out in a more casual Selena shirt . And fans weren’t too happy with Len after the “don’t touch me” comment. Some people thought that Len might have been joking around, but it was hard to tell in that short moment. Either way, Ally definitely seemed offended. Look, sure, maybe her hands were sweaty after dancing her heart out in front of all those people, but still, give the girl a high five. It won’t kill you, Len!

He didn’t mind touching hands with Camilla, Dutchess of Cornwall. Maybe he just wasn’t a Harmonizer. Either way, don’t make such a big deal out of nothing, Len. And leave the criticism for the dance floor.

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