She confronted Wells Fargo about their funding of DAPL. Cenk Uygur, Nomi Prins, and Maz Jobrani discuss on The Young Turks. MORE TYT:

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"Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) took aim at Wells Fargo on Tuesday, accusing the banking giant of 'financing the caging of children,' during a congressional hearing with chief executive Tim Sloan.

During Sloan’s appearance before the House Financial Services Committee, which is examining the company’s 'pattern of consumer abuses,' Ocasio-Cortez pressed the CEO to explain why his company was financially supporting detention facilities where migrant children were held.

'Why was the bank involved in the caging of children and financing the caging of children to begin with?' she asked, referring to the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border under President Trump’s controversial immigration policy."

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