In the age of A.I., video games are being used as a neural network training ground. A.I. has been used to recreate virtual levels and worlds replicating very closely to how a human would operate.

Neural Networks: How Do Robots Teach Themselves? -

AI in Video Games: Toward a More Intelligent Game

"Although AI designers in the 1990s worked very hard to make NPCs look intelligent, these characters lacked one very important trait: the ability to learn. In most video games, NPCs’ behavior patterns are programmed and they are incapable of learning anything from players, e.g. they don’t evolve based on human players’ input. "

Nvidia has created the first video game demo using AI-generated graphics

"The demo is powered using just a single GPU — a notable achievement for such cutting-edge work. (Though admittedly that GPU is the company’s top of the range $3,000 Titan V, “the most powerful PC GPU ever created” and one typically used for advanced simulation processing rather than gaming.)"

DOOM Level Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks

"—We applied Generative Adversarial Networks

(GANs) to learn a model of DOOM levels from human-designed content. Initially, we analyzed the levels and extracted several topological features. Then, for each level, we extracted a set of images identifying the occupied area, the height map, the walls, and the position of game objects. We trained two GANs: one using plain level images, one using both the images and some of the features extracted during the preliminary analysis"

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