At least three Afghan security officers were killed, and more than 36 people were injured, when a truck bomb exploded close to a police headquarters in Alishang, Laghman province on Wednesday. The Taliban reportedly took responsibility for the attack.

At least 20 of the wounded people are reportedly children who were attending a religious school close to where the explosion took place.

"I was in the mosque with my friends reciting the Quran when we saw a red truck rushing toward us, we even talked with its driver, then smoke and flames rose to the air. We couldn't see anything in the area because of the smoke. That was so bad," said Azatullah, one of the children that were rushed to the hospital.

"I heard a very big explosion. I saw smoke rise into the sky, and then I noticed I had a small wound on my leg. My nephew was killed, while my two sons and two nephews were among the 31 children that were wounded in this big explosion. These children were at a mosque for praying, close to the site of the explosion," said Bilal, a relative.

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