Reignited violence in Pakistan's North Waziristan region has caused refugees to flee to neighbouring Afghanistan to escape the unrest, as seen in footage filmed at a camp in Afghanistan's south-eastern province of Khost on Saturday.

This past month has seen 10 troops killed and 35 wounded during a series of bombings and ambushes in the region.

Head of Emigrants and Returnees in Khost, Mohammad Hashem explained that about 1,600 families had been displaced from their homes in Pakistan this month and provided shelter at camps in Khost.

"The emergency team has been sent to help the needy people. We are ready for the next incoming families to be supported as they are escaping," he said.

One refugee at the camp, Sultan, told Ruptly he left Pakistan after soldiers fired about 250 rockets in the area he lived in, saying: "We left our homes because of fear. We lost our accommodation and our daily life. We will never return to Pakistan again."

Pakistan's military have conducted a number of operations combating militant groups in North Waziristan in the last few years.

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