For the past seven months, the federal government has operated a massive "tent city" on the edge of Tornillo, Texas, to house unaccompanied minors who made unauthorized crossings into the U.S.

Officially, it’s a youth shelter. Unofficially, it’s a prison for kids. But whatever you call the facility, its operations have been highly secretive. The federal government has released so little information about what goes on inside Tornillo that the best insight into the camp is a guy who's been standing watching outside its gates.

Josh Rubin is that guy. The 66-year-old New Yorker moved to Texas to protest and publicize what was happening at Tornillo. After spending three months there, he's finally going home because the camp is starting to shut down. VICE News learned that Tornillo was housing just 850 children as of Tuesday, down from over 2,800 at its height last month.

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