5 Surprising Ways Couples Waste Money

Pairing up is fun, adding up all of the wasted money isn’t.

Here are five surprising ways couples waste money.

Take it from experts Bustle, NBC News and Discover Bank spoke with.

New couples sometimes have overlapping streaming services, but it doesn’t make sense to pay double.

Every dollar counts, and you’ll save money if you share subscriptions.

Ordering take out is super convenient when you’re in a pinch.

But your wallet will feel the pinch after a while because the average American household recently spent about $3,000 a year dining out, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Save money by making meals and memories at home.

A smaller place is fine when you’re single, but when people pair up, they sometimes feel the need to move to a bigger place together.

That can mean higher rent, and more expensive bills.

Opposites attract with some couples.

And that can mean one of you is the saver and the other is the big spender.

When one partner never sees the bills coming in, resentment piles up from the other side.

That can cost you your relationship!

You won’t waste so much money if both parties share responsibility of managing the finances together.

We all hope for a kiss on date night, but you can kiss your money goodbye if you treat yourselves each week to a fancy restaurant or buy the best seats at a concert.

Date nights can be cheap and memorable.

Save that money for a rainy day!

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