5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Next Cruise

On a cruise vacation, it’s important not to go overboard with your finances!

Here are 5 simple ways to save money on your next cruise.

Take it from industry experts Business Insider, Oyster and Cruise Critic spoke with.

Booking an inside cabin will save you tons of money.

According to the folks at Oyster, most passengers don’t spend a lot of time in their rooms, and not having windows means the sun won’t wake you up.

Drinks are pricey onboard, but most cruises have at least one way to get free or discounted drinks.

Oyster says Royal Caribbean has a mimosa happy hour where the drinks are $2, and Carnival gives away free champagne when you go to the art events.

Another pro tip, the drink of the day is usually your cheapest bet.

If you can swing a longer trip, book a repositioning cruise.

That’s when cruise lines move their fleet of ships from one region to another.

Instead of sending an empty vessel, cruise lines often offer discounts on these routes.

Just expect a lot of days at sea and remember that it’s not round-trip, which could make air travel tricky.

Most ships don’t include Wi-Fi, so the experts at Oyster recommend prepaying for the most basic package ahead of time for a discount of around 20%.

You could save even more if you unplug for the week.

Booking outside of peak travel season can save you hundreds.

An industry expert at Cruise Critic tells Business Insider booking something like an Alaska cruise in September instead of July could nearly cut your cruise fare in half!

That way, you can sink money into another trip!

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