5 BEST 2017 MTV EMA Performances

The event kicked off with a performance by eminim for his new song walk on water. And it was truly an inspirational way to begin an evening of wonderful performances and great songs. Eminim donned a black cap and hoodie and did what he does best.. Let the words speak for themselves. In a very subtle but powerful performance, eminim got the people pumped for a great night. Later that evening, Eminim took home the Best Hip Hop Artist award, which was a little surprising due to his lack of new music.

But the one artist who got the most attention judging by the amount of high-pitched screams we heard was Shawn Mendes. The stitches singer came out center stage with his trusty acoustic guitar and rocked the house with a big band in the background for there’s nothing holding me back. Not going to lie though, i was definitely hoping to see some shawn mendes dance moves. But nevertheless he still took home the Best Artist award. Apparently there’s nothing holding him back from success.

Our host Rita Ora must’ve thought hosting wasn’t enough because she also performed 2 songs, “your song” and “Anywhere”. We gotta hand it to Rita, the performance was a dazzling show of color and class. As the host, we are pretty sure Rita isn’t qualified to win any of the awards, but if we could, we’d give her the “best host to perform 2 songs award” -- is that a thing? -- moving on!

Demi lovato crushed it at the emas with her performance of sorry not sorry and ‘tell me you love me’. As much as we love the unapologetic anthem Sorry Not Sorry, the performance seemed to missing a little bit of that tone. But demi saves the day when she slows things down for “tell me you love me”. As she takes center stage, the audience was belting the tune along with her, and it rounded out her performance really nicely as it slowly got more and more epic, with a full chorus backing her up, check it out

But one artist who completely blew us away this year was camilla cabello. WIth her breakout pop hit “havana”, camilla donned a red ruffled bodysuit which contrasted so well with the background of her multi-part stage show. The performance includes moving platforms, and a birds eye view of the backup dancers moving in sync with camilla as if they were all syncronized swimmers, take a look (It’s safe to say the audience went nuts, and camilla has cemented herself as an incredibly talented solo artist. Camilla took home the Best pop artist award.

What do you think of these 5 amazing performances? DId you have a favorite that didn’t make the list? Sound off in the comments down below and when you’re done with that, be sure to click right here to watch selena gomez tease her 2017 AMA performance. THanks so much for watching clevver news, i’m your host Tom plumley, and i’ll see ya next time.

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