China has issued the largest quarantine in human history, putting 16 cities on lockdown.

In a matter of weeks, the Wuhan coronavirus has killed more than 100 people and infected over 4,600.

The attempt to stop the spread of the disease is affecting an estimated 46 million people.

According to Business Insider, quarantines have been used to prevent the spread of disease for hundreds of years.

The first official "quarantine" was born in Venice, in 1348. But the attempt to stop the spread of the Black Death, or bubonic plague, didn't work.

In 1917-18, a flu pandemic killed 50 million people worldwide. About 675,000 Americans died.

At its peak, cities tried to isolate the infected, cut off public transportation, close down schools, and prevent public gatherings.

While these efforts may have helped the disease from spreading temporarily, millions of people still died.

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