New 3d scanners are enabling us to see deeper into the human body, but do you want to see your insides in 3D?

What Can Happen to the Human Heart After Months of Swimming? The Swim -

These 3d X-rays Are Spectacular And Really Gross

“The idea is that, eventually, these detailed scans might help with diagnosing and monitoring cancers, bone diseases, or blood vessel problems. Other research groups have been using them in labs around the world — like to image tiny kidney stones, for example. But they’re not being used in hospitals yet.”

Naked Labs' 3-D Body Scanner Shows You The Naked Truth

“The scanner now costs $1,395, a significant hike from the $499 the company listed it for at launch. But Naked Labs is wagering that (a) fitness freaks, (b) people looking for motivation to lose weight, and (c) customers who aren’t unnerved by daily 3-D scans of themselves will all pay to own the product.”

What Is A Computed Tomography (Ct) Scan?

“ Unlike a conventional x-ray—which uses a fixed x-ray tube—a CT scanner uses a motorized x-ray source that rotates around the circular opening of a donut-shaped structure called a gantry. During a CT scan, the patient lies on a bed that slowly moves through the gantry while the x-ray tube rotates around the patient, shooting narrow beams of x-rays through the body.”

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