There’s a good chance you’re spending more time at home in the age of social distancing.

Make friends and family want to come back over once it’s allowed with a 30-day cleaning challenge!

PopSugar has a printable version with tasks assigned for different rooms.

The outlet says most chores only take about 20 minutes.

Start in the kitchen and tackle the microwave and oven.

Move on over to the dishwasher and other appliances.

Keep those stainless steel items looking - - stainless.

I’m talking inside and out, so scrub down that fridge.

Head to the bathroom and clean the shower, tub and shower curtains.

Make sure to clean the toilet, bathroom counter, mirror and floor.

Hopefully you’re staying healthy but organize the medicine cabinet so you can see your arsenal of products.

PopSugar is hardly the only place to find a thorough cleaning checklist.

Just type 30-day cleaning challenge into Google.

Lifestyle website The says it’s a good idea to clean your electronics; that means your phone, tablet, computer or laptop and remote control.

Organize bags, backpacks and luggage for the day it’s normal to travel again.

Dust and vacuum the entire place; especially around baseboards and molding where dust tends to pile up.

Finally, wash your sheets; including mattress covers, throw blankets and even guest room bed linens.

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