This U.S. Marine veteran earned a Purple Heart in World War Two.

Get ready for this story to tug at your heartstrings.

This is 104-year-old William White.

He lives at an assisted living center in Stockton, California.

A fellow resident kickstarted a social media campaign with the lofty goal of getting White 100 cards for Valentine’s Day, as a way to honor veterans like him for their service.

One hundred cards turned into 70,000!

The little idea that could certainly pushed the envelope.

The waist-high stacks of mail came from people in all 50 states and a few foreign countries.

He got so much mail, White’s family had to ask volunteers to help open the cards and read the letters to him.

How does he feel about all of those warm wishes?

“I can’t describe it. It’s just too fantastic.”

White says it’s all new to him.

Especially since he didn’t go all out for Valentine’s Day when his wife of 42 years was alive.

This is one he won’t forget.

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