Attack feared in Washington DC

Police opened fire in pursuit of an erratic driver who nearly ran over officers and rammed into a police cruiser.

Judge Questions Narrowing of Travel Ban Block

A federal judge in Hawaii questioned a government attorney Wednesday who urged him to narrow his order blocking President Donald Trump's travel ban after arguing that a freeze on the nation's refugee program had no effect on the state. (March 29)

Fire hero's life mission

Former junior fire marshall Ralph Heard saved his family from a house fire at only 9 years old, and has been teaching fire safety for more than 70 years.

Syria: Idlib residents await evacuation following Qatar-Iran deal

Residents of the besieged village of Al-Fu'ah, in Idlib Governorate, awaited evacuation following a deal struck up by Iran and Qatar on Wednesday.

Belarus: Donbass ceasefire to start on April 1 says OSCE's Sajdik

Parties involved in the Ukrainian conflict agreed on the introduction of a ceasefire in Donbass, starting from midnight on April 1, announced Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office for Ukraine Martin Sajdik in Minsk on Wednesday.

Two day prison riots claim 4 lives in northern Mexico

The death toll from the riots on March 27 and 28 in the prison of Cadereyta, in the northern state of Nuevo Leon, has climbed to four, with 21 injured. The state government said on March 29 that four bodies were found in two buildings, after 56 prisoners set fire and looted a pharmacy.

Bicyclist Undeterred by Heavy Alaska Snow Fall

One Alaskan was undeterred by a heavy snowfall in Achorage, Alaska - taking to a bike to ride along a highway, past motorists stuck in heavy traffic. (March 29)

The contrasting styles of the House, Senate Russia probes

The 'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

Seattle mayor suing Trump admin over sanctuary city threats

Doug McKelway reports on the ongoing battle

Raw: 12 Dead in Texas Church Van-Truck Crash

Twelve people were killed and three others were injured Wednesday when a pickup truck slammed head-on into a van carrying 14 senior members of a Texas Hill Country church on a two-lane highway in southwestern Texas, authorities said. (March 29)

Tear gas & pepper spray: Protests against Paris police turn violent 3rd day in row

For a third consecutive night, hundreds have turned out in anger at the killing of a Chinese man by police on Sunday. READ MORE:

‘Police assassins!’: Paris cops clash with protesters over death of Chinese man

Tensions flared as hundreds of people continued to protest in Paris for a third day in a row, Wednesday. Protests have gripped the French capital following the police killing of a 56-year old man of Chinese ethnicity on March 26. Shaoyo Liu was killed by the police who were called to Liu's house following an alleged family disagreement. The police claim that Liu attacked one of the officers with a pair of scissors. However, Liu's family claimed that Liu had scissors because he was cutting fish that he was cooking. READ MORE:

Samsung Galaxy S8: 3 biggest letdowns

Samsung's new flagship phones have drool-worthy screens, but they're lacking in these key categories. Our first Galaxy S8 impressions: Why the Galaxy S8 matters: Galaxy S8 photos:

Trump's US Ambassador to Israel Sworn In

Bankruptcy attorney David Friedman has been sworn in as U.S. envoy to Israel, becoming President Donald Trump's first ambassador to take office. (March 29)

Calif. Leaders Pushing Ahead With Climate Policy

Despite President Donald Trump's executive order that aims to scale back environmental regulations, environmentalists and city leaders in San Francisco say they will push ahead with aggressive climate change policies. (March 29)

LIVE: Protests against police violence reignited in Paris after Chinese man killed

Protesters denouncing police brutality and police continue to clash in Paris. The unrest comes after a 56-year-old Shaoyo Liu of Chinese ethnicity was allegedly killed by the police who were called to Liu's house following a family disagreement on March 26.

Gorsuch finds himself in the middle of a Senate showdown

A growing number of Democrats say they will not support the Supreme Court nominee, while GOP leaders are coy on plans to use the nuclear option; Shannon Bream provides insight on 'Special Report'

Krauthammer talks healthcare fallout, Russia investigation

Fox News contributor gives his take on 'Special Report'

Trump makes a bid to restart talks on healthcare reform

The White House is inviting Democrats to get on board a new effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare; John Roberts has the roundup on 'Special Report'

Senate intel chairs preach cooperation on Russia probe

Burr and Warner tried to reassure the American people that their investigation will be professional and not partisan; Mike Emanuel explains on 'Special Report'

Mexico refuses to fill tunnels under the border

Authorities leave the discovered tunnels open underground creating a security loophole; Will Carr reports for 'Special Report'

The connection between tax dollars and Ivy League schools

Tax dollars exceed tuition payments at 8 schools; Gerri Willis has the exclusive for 'Special Report'

Mayors meet with DHS chief amid sanctuary city outrage

The department reassured mayors that the feds do not intend a broad sweep of illegal immigrants; Doug McKelway reports on 'Special Report'

Mass. lawmaker tips illegal immigrants of upcoming ICE raids

Michelle DuBois defends her immigration tips; Molly Line has the story for 'Special Report'

What's next in the Senate's Russia investigation?

The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) provided an update to reporters on their investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. CBS Radio News Correspondent Bill Rehkopf spoke to CBSN about what Burr and Warner revealed.

Ivanka Trump's White House job now official

The White House says that Ivanka Trump will take an unpaid job working in the West Wing. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

France: Protesters hurl barricades at police as clashes grip Paris for third night

Tensions flared as hundreds of people continued to protest in Paris for a third day in a row, Wednesday. Protests have gripped the French capital following the police killing of a 56-year old man of Chinese ethnicity on March 26.

At 75 there's still no stopping comedian Robert Klein

In the film 'Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg,' coming to Starz on Friday, fellow comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Crystal talk about his profound influence - while Klein jokes about aging and reminds folks he's still here. (March 29)

Kentucky Tops AP's All-Time Hoops Rankings

The Associated Press has been ranking the best teams in college basketball since January 1949. Now the AP has ranked the top 100 programs of all-time. (March 29)

Angela Rye: Obama vs. Trump double standard

Political commentator Angela Rye says former President Barack Obama was held to a higher standard than President Trump.

Fair showcases cutting-edge tech for the military

Airbag jackets, blow-up drones and self-driving vehicles - these are just some examples of the latest in military technological innovation that can be found at this year's Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar (SOFINS) in the South West of France.

"Stretch" explains how to achieve more with less

How can you achieve more with less? That question is the subject of a new book called "Stretch." The book's author Scott Sonenshein spoke to CBSN about the philosophy behind the book.

Amal won't let George Clooney name their twins after his tequila company

Hollywood power couple George and Amal Clooney have twins on the way, but Amal won't let the actor have the final word on baby names. ETOnline reporter Denny Directo spoke to CBSN about which names Amal couldn't accept.

Cliche or concilatory? Mixed reaction to May's Brexit launch

As Britain begins the historic process of leaving the European Union with Prime Minister Theresa May telling MPs there was "no turning back", some praise her "conciliatory, sensible tone", while others slam her speech to parliament as "platitudinous nonsense".

Thousands pay tribute to London attack victims

Thousands of people have come together to mark exactly one week since the London terror attack, in which four victims and the assailant died. Police officers, doctors and members of different faith groups all took part in the walk over Westminster bridge. Khalid Masood killed three people there after ploughing a 4x4 through pedestrians who were walking along the pavement. After crashing the vehicle he fatally stabbed PC Keith Palmer outside Parliament before he was eventually shot dead. … READ MORE : What are the top stories today? Click to watch: euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe

Gutfeld: Chuck Schumer hits the panic button

Democrats know fear works when you're out of ideas

How to use Facebook Stories

What you need to know about the latest Snapchat imitator that just popped up on your Facebook feed.

Sheriff on lawmaker warning illegals about possible ICE raid

ICE slams Massachusetts state lawmaker for warning illegal immigrants about possible raids; Sheriff Hodgson speaks out on 'Your World'

Samsung Connect Home is a router and smart home hub in one

CNET's Dan Graziano gives you a first look at Samsung's new smart router.

Implants Help Paralyzed Ohio Man Feed Himself

A paralyzed Ohio man was able to feed himself for the first time in eight years, after doctors implanted sensors in his brain that sent signals to his arm. (March 29)

Betting Big On Cyclicals

Active managers are betting more heavily on cyclical versus defensive sectors than they have in years. Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management and Ari Wald of Oppenheimer discuss with Brian Sullivan.

Presidente de Cataluña en EE.UU.

Carles Puigdemont nos cuenta sobre su gira por Estados Unidos y el futuro que anticipa para Cataluña.

Movie Pass: "Ghost in the Shell"

Scarlett Johansson's starring in the sci-fi action thriller based on the popular Japanese manga series has drawn charges of "whitewashing."

Conspiracy theories transcend political party

Conspiracy theories are nothing new in Washington, but the role of conspiracy theorist has grown to include more than just the Trump administration. CNN's Jake Tapper reports.

Bloomsky adds a view, smarts to personal weather

The new Bloomsky Sky2 weather station and Storm add-on combine plenty of meteorology tools and an HD camera with smart home controls.

Former Christie Aides Get Prison for Bridge Plot

Two former aides to Gov. Chris Christie were sentenced to prison Wednesday for their role in a political revenge plot involving traffic jams at the country's busiest bridge, a scandal that continues to hang over his final year in office. (March 29)

Are Commodities Warning Equities?

Commodities like crude oil and copper have sunk recently. Are stocks next. Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management and Ari Wald of Oppenheimer discuss with Brian Sullivan.

Cameron defends referendum call as Brexit launched

Former Britain's prime minister David Cameron defends his decision to call the referendum on UK membership of the European Union, as London formally launches the process to quit the bloc.

Trump Marks Women's History Month

President Donald Trump gave a speech to a group of women at the White House on Wednesday marking Women's History Month. He expressed a commitment to helping women succeed economically. (March 29)

USA: 20 people to be questioned about alleged Russian interference in US election

US Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr stated that 20 individuals are to be questioned during the course of their investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, talking to press in Washington DC, Wednesday, ahead of the first public hearing on Thursday.

Brexit begins; UK triggers Article 50 to begin EU divorce

The UK government has formally served divorce papers on the European Union, signaling the beginning of the end of a relationship that has endured for 44 years. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

Gayle King sits down with former WH staffer on new book

"Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?" Author and Obama staffer Alyssa Mastromonaco is in our Toyota Green Room with Gayle King, reflecting on her experiences in the White House during President Barack Obama's time in office.

Suicide truck bomb kills at least 13 at Baghdad checkpoint

A suicide attack in Baghdad has killed at least 13 people. Reports say a truck bomb went off at a checkpoint in the south of the Iraqi capital. As well as those killed, at least 40 others have been wounded. … READ MORE : What are the top stories today? Click to watch: euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe

Uber to shut down its cab-booking service in Denmark

The brakes have been applied to the US online cab-booking company Uber in Denmark. This because of a strict new taxi law that is coming into force, requiring the likes of seat occupancy sensors and fare meters. Uber says it will cease operations in Denmark on April 18. There are mixed opinions on the issue. One man in Copenhagen said: "I think it's a pity because I've used it myself." But another man said: "It's unfair competition which is why I think it's good they close." Uber says it h… READ MORE : What are the top stories today? Click to watch: euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe

Senate Committee Pledges Bipartisan Russia Probe

The Senate intelligence committee chairman says his panel's "challenge" is to answer for Americans whether President Donald Trump was directly involved in Russia's meddling in the 2016 election. (March 29)

This Amazonian frog's toxins have become part of latest cleansing trend

Although there's no research to support the claims, the use of "kambo" has been said to have supposed magical healing powers.

Mark Steyn on the focus on the populist wave amid Brexit

Columnist says there's a problem when the political class gets out of sync with the people

Surgery set for world's most obese man

The world's most obese man is slated to get surgery and marathon runners may be hurting more than just their joints after that 26-mile race

US commander: Russia may be supplying Taliban with weapons

Garrett Tenney reports from Washington

Ford Exec: We're Investing $1.9B In The State Of Michigan

Joe Hinrichs, Ford President of the Americas, weighs in on investing in America and their Data center.

Car stocks point to economic prospects

CNET's Samsung Galaxy S8 event

Read the CNET article here - Bridget Carey, Iyaz Akhtar and Ben Fox Rubin hold down the fort for CNET's live coverage of Samsung's Galaxy S8 event in New York City. Watch the Samsung launch and stick around for some post-game analysis of Samsung's 2017 rebound phone.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink aims to connect human brain with AI

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, is backing a new company that seeks to explore the possibility of merging the human brain with artificial intelligence (AI) to help humans keep up with machines.

Article 50 and the pound

Gina Miller and Tim Martin's reaction to Article 50 triggering

Gina Miller - the lead claimant in the legal challenge against the government, which resulted in the Supreme Court ruling that Article 50 couldn't be triggered without a Parliamentary vote - and Tim Martin, the founder and chairman of JD Wetherspoon, who campaigned ahead of the referendum for Britain to leave the EU, react to the triggering of Article 50.

Sanaa Lathan on Police, Trump and 'Shots Fired' Actress

Sanaa Lathan stops by the WSJ Cafe to talk about her new series "Shots Fired," a TV thriller about race and police brutality airing on Fox.

Can Democrats work with Trump on health care?

President Trump is signaling he may be willing to work with Democrats after his Republican-led health care failure. CBSN political contributor and Democratic strategist Lynda Tran talks about the prospects for cooperation.

Trader Bets On All-Time High For Tesla

Todd Gordon of sees Tesla making new all-time highs.

Brexit Briefing Art 50

What's shaping commodities in 2017

Jared Kushner Among People Being Interviewed In Senate's Trump-Russia Probe

Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr and Vice-Chair Mark Warner say the goal of the Senate's hearing is to examine Russian capability to influence global elections and determine exactly how big a role Russia played in the 2016 presidential election.

April Ryan, Sean Spicer Seem To Move Past Heated ‘Road Kill’ Exchange

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and American Urban Radio Networks’ correspondent, April Ryan, had a heated exchange causing an uproar on Twitter and even a reaction from Hillary Clinton.

Russia: Putin, Medvedev and Shoigu visit glaciers and meet ecologists on Franz Josef Land

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Franz Josef Land, on the north-western coast of Russia on Wednesday, where he visited the glaciers and spoke with ecologists, reviewing an ongoing campaign to clean up the archipelago. The Russian president even hacked off a piece of the glacier to be used for scientific research, whilst Medvedev could be seen taking snaps of Shoigu.

Chuck Schumer On Neil Gorsuch Vote: ‘Change The Nominee, Not The Rules’

Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer urges Republicans to select another Supreme Court nominee rather than use the nuclear option for confirming Neil Gorsuch. Schumer also criticizes the “dark money” sources that funded Gorsuch path to the nomination.

Resourceful Rescuers Use Bucket to Save Baby From Peru Floods

Peru has been besieged by heavy rain and flooding, killing dozens and displacing thousands more.

Samsung unveils new Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung is facing its biggest test with the unveiling of a new phone, the Galaxy S8. CNET News executive editor Roger Cheng joins CBSN with details of what to expect from the new device.

Brexit becomes reality: what do voters think now?

Away from the drama in Westminster and Brussels, how do people feel now that the formal process of Brexit has finally been triggered? Sky's Nick Martin has spent the day in Sunderland, which voted in favour of Brexit.

U.N. says world faces worst humanitarian crisis in decades

The United Nations says the world is facing its biggest humanitarian crisis in 70 years with widespread famine threatening millions of people in Africa. Daniel Bekele of Human Rights Watch spoke to CBSN about why the situation is so dire.

Prehistoric Prints: 'Unprecedented' Dinosaur Discovery In Australia

A team of researchers in Australia just made an incredible discovery – and it involves some seriously massive dinosaur footprints.

White House In ‘Ongoing Discussion’ With Both Sides On Next Health Care Deal

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says President Trump refuses to “create a deal for the sake of creating a deal,” and insists he is open to hearing from both Democrats and Republicans on ways to pass the next attempt at a health care bill.

President Trump, Governor Chris Christie Outline Plans To Fight Opioid Epidemic

President Trump and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a listening session at the White House on Wednesday with individuals affected by the nation’s opioid epidemic.

Melania Trump: It’s Our Duty To Highlight Women’s Achievements

Melania Trump said the world must continue to fight injustice against women in all forms.

RT & Sputnik blamed for interfering in Google search results

Senator Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Senator Mark Warner, the ranking member, held a press conference about the allegations that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential elections. One example Warner listed was the prominence of "Russian propaganda" outlets such as RT and Sputnik in Google search results.

Samsung bets big on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

After battery fire issues plagued the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has launched two new phones to win back customers. The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have displays that curve over their edges, and they feature a new artificial intelligence assistant called Bixby. Our first Galaxy S8 impressions: Why the Galaxy S8 matters: Galaxy S8 photos:

Trump Administration to Russia-Linked Ex-Advisers: Keep Your Distance

The Trump Administration has gone to great lengths in distancing itself from former associates in the face of an investigation into connections between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia.

Human and Health Services Secretary Tom Price On Upholding Obamacare

Secretary of Human and Health Services Tom Price pledged to uphold the Affordable Care Act during a heated exchange with Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) in the House on Wednesday, but he was non-committal about promoting Obamacare enrollment and enforcing some of its regulation.

Iraqi forces tighten control around ISIS landmark in Mosul

Benjamin Hall reports from London

How Vladimir Putin Keeps Protesters at Bay in Russia

The largest protests in several years broke out across Russia over the weekend, and scores were beaten and arrested by the police. Here are President Vladimir V. Putin’s go-to tactics for clamping down on dissenters. Read the story here:

Turner: Trump strategy to fight ISIS not markedly different

Fox News contributor provides insight

Report: ISIS now poses substantial threat to Turkey

Insight from Jonathan Schanzer, vice president of research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Families fleeing Mosul reach relative safety of refugee camp

Haunted by ISIS atrocities, civilians struggle to lead something resembling normal daily life

Coalition Airstrikes Raising Concerns About Civilian Deaths

Recent airstrikes from U.S.-led coalition forces in Syria and Iraq have raised concerns about whether the United States military has become less selective in its targeting. Read the story here:

5-year-old NC girl suspended for playing with stick ‘gun’

A 5-year-old North Carolina girl was suspended from school for playing with a stick that resembled a gun. Hoke County Schools deemed girl’s actions a threat to other students when she made shooting motion

Elon Musk wants to upgrade human brains with computers

Tech billionaire Elon Musk launches new company called ‘Neuralink,’ working to develop implanting electrodes to brains to help humans compete with artificial intelligence

Brexit: Europe reacts as Britain leaves the EU

"There's no reason to pretend today's a happy day" - those were the words of EU council president Donald Tusk after he received the Prime Minster's letter. Later there was a slap down from German Chancellor Angela Merkel who denied the Prime Minister's request for two separate sets of talks. Sky's Europe Correspondent Mark Stone has all the reaction from Brussels.

Wonders of the Deep

See how monkeys teach manners, elephants show empathy and ants imitate water in ScienceTake, combining cutting-edge research from the world of science with stunning footage of the natural world in action.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Aims to Dispel Note 7 Debacle

Samsung is launching the Galaxy S8, its first major smartphone since the embarrassing recall of its fire-prone Note 7. (March 29)

Donald Trump’s Name 20-Feet High. Chicago’s Anger? Unlimited

The Trump International Hotel and Tower was met with a warm reception when it was completed in 2008. But six years later, a modification from Donald J. Trump ruffled feathers in Chicago.

Portugal: Madeira airport renamed after Cristiano Ronaldo

Madeira airport was renamed in honour of Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo, at the ceremony, on his home island of Madeira, Wednesday, together with the unveiling of a bust of the footballer. Ronaldo expressed words of thanks, stating, "I say that these tributes should be made while the honoured people are alive, like in my case. And for that I thank the regional government President, for having the courage to stand up for his idea." Both the Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa and President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa were in attendance. SOT, Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid football player (Portuguese): "Mr President of the Republic, Mr Prime Minister, Mr regional government President, my cherished family and friends from Madeira. I say that these tributes should be made while the honoured people are alive, like in my case. And for that I thank the regional government President, for having the courage to stand up for his idea."

Robot allows 6-year-old with cancer to attend kindergarten

PJ Trojanowski is being treated for malignant tumors in both of her kidneys.