Zoran Milanovic

Saucha to be released from investigative custody on Friday afternoon

The Office for Prevention of Corruption and Organised Crime (USKOK) has questioned all witnesses in the case of Ex-Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic's chief of staff Tomislav Saucha who is suspected of falsifying official travel orders, and Saucha, who was placed in investigative custody on 10 February, is likely to released on Friday afternoon.

Milanovic: It would be logical for DORH to call me

Zoran Milanovic, former prime minister and until recently the leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), on Sunday commented on the situation surrounding his former chief of staff, Tomislav Saucha, who is under investigation for abuse of office and for falsifying official travel orders.

Ex-PM's chief of staff placed in investigative custody

Tomislav Saucha, a Social Democrat (SDP) member of Parliament and former chief of staff to ex-prime minister Zoran Milanovic, was placed in investigative custody for one month on Friday evening for falsifying official travel orders, the Zagreb County Court ruled.

Croatia's serious fraud office probing ex-PM's chief of staff over bogus travel expenses

Saucha is suspected of having verbally ordered his secretary - in his capacity as Milanovic's chief of staff in charge of ordering and approving travel orders and invoices for official trips - to make travel orders for trips by the former PM's special advisers that never took place, in order to acquire illegal gain from the state budget in the period from November 2013 to January 2016.

Ex-PM says is responsible for Saucha scandal politically but not legally

Former Prime Minister and Social Democratic Party leader Zoran Milanovic said on Friday he was shocked by the entire case surrounding his chief of staff Tomislav Saucha after he was charged with defrauding the state budget of more than HRK 540,000 (EUR 72,000) and EUR 1,360 through bogus travel expenses claims.

Plenkovic: Prosecutors should look into alleged payment of daily allowances to ex-PM's advisors

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Monday commented on the alleged payment of daily allowances to three special advisors to former prime minister Zoran Milanovic, saying that it was a matter to be dealt with by the prosecutorial authorities and that prosecutors should look into the relevant report by the State Audit Office, notably its part about the travel orders and daily allowances concerned.

USKOK to probe reimbursement of bogus expenses in premier's office in 2015

The Office for Suppression of Corruption and Organised Crime (USKOK) is going to investigate the findings of the Office of the State Auditor about the reimbursement of bogus travel expenses in the Office of Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic in 2015.

Reporters: Oreskovic's government less open to public than Milanovic's

The Croatian Journalists' Association (HND) group of research journalists on Tuesday presented the results of a survey conducted among national and local media indicating that almost two-thirds of them considered the previous government of Tihomir Oreskovic to be less open to the public than that of his predecessor Zoran Milanovic.

Heated par'l debate on tax reform, Bridge MP calls Milanovic gov't criminal organisation

The tax reform devised by the HDZ and Bridge will give people with lower incomes and the most vulnerable groups only breadcrumbs while those who are better off will get more, said Sponza.

SDP to launch procedure for leadership election on Thursday

The leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) meets on Thursday to start the procedure for a party election, and the party is expected to choose a new leader by the end of November or no later than mid-December.

Milanovic announces withdrawal as SDP chief

Milanovic made the announcement at an extraordinary press conference after Sunday's early parliamentary election at which his party lost to the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

Plenkovic: It would be decent of Milanovic to congratulate HDZ

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic has said that he would like to see congratulations being sent in a decent manner "to those who were better in the (election) race" rather than talk about forming a grand coalition which he once again ruled out.

Milanovic looks set to step down as SDP chief

The SDP expects the new party leadership to be elected by December and Tonino PIcula, Sinisa Hajdas-Doncic and Ranko Ostojic are mentioned as possible candidates for the position of party chief.

Milanovic: Croatia needs a stable government

After the State Election Commission released preliminary results of the September 11 early parliamentary election at midnight, Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic early on Monday morning addressed his party's members and supporters, repeating several times in his address that Croatia needed a stable government and that the situation would be clearer in the morning after all ballots were counted.

HSS chief backs Milanovic, wouldn't be in a gov't including Bridge

The HSS leader warned that exit polls showed that the final result would be even, after three seats of the Croatian diaspora were added to the HDZ and four seats won by the IDS party were added to the People's Coalition.

Milanovic says is awaiting election returns more relaxed than ever

Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic said on Sunday, after voting in the early parliamentary election, that he was awaiting the results more relaxed than ever before.

Milanovic: HDZ same as during Karamarko's era

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic has said that the latest accusations from the rival Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) that the former SDP-led government "protected the state terrorism of former Yugoslav services that killed Croats worldwide", proved that the HDZ under Andrej Plenkovic did not manage to distance itself from the paradigm of Plenkovic's predecessor Tomislav Karamarko.

Milanovic says his coalition's victory to bring same rules for all, dialogue

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic said at an election rally of the People's Coalition in Karlovac on Tuesday that his coalition's victory in the September 11 election would prevent Croatia from sliding into the domination of one political camp and violence and bring the same rules for all, making Croatia a country of dialogue, unity and success for the generation to come.

Milanovic: In 20 yrs Croatia must be among 15 most developed EU states

Social Democratic Party (SDP) President Zoran Milanovic said in Rijeka on Monday that in 20 years' time Croatia must be among the European Union's 15 most developed countries because it could achieve that goal.

Milanovic: People leaving Croatia also because of indignation

He said that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) was not ready to return to power and that the credibility of that party, a word used in its election slogan, was "an oxymoron".

Milanovic: Provincial politicians are one thing, Serb people another

It is time "we affirmed together Croatia as the (Croatian Serb people's) homeland, with their consent and understanding, while emissaries and hate-mongers from Belgrade should not cross the Danube and come over here."

Spat between two rivals as campaigning intensifies

In his response to the HDZ leader Andrej Plenkovic's claims that he had made derogatory remarks about his mother, Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic said on Sunday that he had not intended to insult Plenkovic's mother but that he had intended to point out that Plenkovic "is a man who lacks credibility" and who "is keen to polish his CV."

SDP leader accuses rivals of 'squalid' policies

Milanovic also accused the HDZ of having those who have sold INA and who advocate the cancellation of arbitration against MOL on its slates for the election.

Milanovic says will not respect Serbian war-mongers Nikolic and Vucic

Asked about relations between Croatia and Serbia and what his position would be like if he came to power, Milanovic said that he said that to "people who call themselves representatives of guard brigades, in the language which is the only language some of them understand."

Izetbegovic says won't talk to Milanovic any more

Croatian Social Democrat leader Zoran Milanovic's statements about Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday continued to be the main topic of comments by local politicians and media, with most dailies carrying those comments on their front pages.

Nikolic calls on Croatian officials to stop insulting Serbs

Serbia's President Tomislav Nikolic on Thursday called on Croatian officials to stop the insults on account of Serbs, assessing that the statement by Croatia's former prime minister Zoran Milanovic that Serbs were a "handful of wretches" resembled what WWII Ustasha leader Ante Pavelic thought of and how he acted toward Serbs.

Croatian Serb official condemns SDP leader's rhetoric

The vice-president of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS), Milorad Pupovac, on Thursday commented on his Facebook account on an audio recording of a meeting between Social Democratic Party leader Zoran Milanovic and a group of war veterans by saying "It was way out of line, even for Zoran."  

SDP member: Secretly recording meeting criminal offence

The president of the Sibenik branch of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and war volunteer, Franko Vidovic, on Thursday commented on a secret recording of a meeting between SDP leader Zoran Milanovic and war veterans' associations, saying that secretly recording a meeting like that was a criminal offence.

Bosnian FM: Milanovic has really stepped out of line this time

He said that Bosnia and Herzegovina's Council of Ministers hoped to build the best possible relations with Croatia, however, Milanovic's statements now raised the question of whether that was possible.

Milanovic: Culture is not a military march

The SDP leader said it was important to send out the message that culture "is not a military march", "conducted by commissaries in leather coats who carry mausers and lugers, but a space of freedom and realisation."

Plenkovic: Ideological rows consequence of SDP-led government decisions

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said on Tuesday that current ideological debates in Croatian society were the result of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)-led coalition government's decisions such as the revocation of the Croatian Sabor's sponsorship of the commemoration of the Bleiburg atrocities.

Veterans say wanted to teach Milanovic, SDP democracy and dialogue

 The heads of several veterans' associations on Tuesday met with Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic for talks on Serbia's European Union accession negotiations on Chapter 23 and 24 and later told reporters that they "wanted to teach Milanovic and SDP democracy and dialogue."

Milanovic: Left coalition can lead Croatia to order again

Speaking at an election rally, Milanovic said 35% of voters voted for an SDP-led coalition at the last election, voting for modernity, openness, progressiveness, a modern Western state. Croatia is the West, not the Middle East, and it must build itself on the tenets of Western civilisation, he said.

Pula Mayor says Milanovic's statement false

Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) leader Boris Miletic on Monday evening issued a statement refuting as untrue Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic's claims that the construction of a general hospital in the biggest Istrian city of Pula has been halted during the term of the outgoing HDZ-led government.

Milanovic asks why HDZ stopped works on Pula General Hospital

Social Democratic Party (SDP) president and candidate for prime minister Zoran Milanovic said in Pula on Monday that no one understood why the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), in its short term in office, had stopped the construction of a new general hospital in Pula, as it "could only have profited" from it.

SDP chief confident of election victory

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic in Zagreb on Saturday expressed confidence in the victory of the SDP-led coalition in the early parliamentary election set for 11 September.

SDP leader calls for putting end to divisions in Croatian society

Addressing an election rally in Slavonski Brod on Friday, Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic, whose party heads the People's Coalition, called for putting an end to divisions in the Croatian society over the country's past.

Milanovic: If Serbia doesn't repeal universal jurisdiction law, Croatia will adopt similar law

The federation of Homeland War associations invited leading political parties to state their position on the matter of the Serbian law and Milanovic and his coalition partners were the first to respond.

Milanovic: People's Coalition has serious platform, experienced people

The People's Coalition held its first official election rally in Varazdin on Tuesday at which its candidate for prime minister, Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic, said the coalition had a serious platform and people with experience for building a modern Croatia.

Vukovar mayor: Milanovic's government tried to cause chaos in Vukovar

The mayor of the eastern Croatian town of Vukovar, Ivan Penava, on Sunday accused the former government led by Social Democrat Zoran Milanovic of having tried to cause chaos in Vukovar by refusing demands by the town authorities to conduct a new census in that town.

Oreskovic: Milanovic and Plenkovic didn't criticise one another too harshly

Caretaker Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic said on Saturday that the leaders of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Andrej Plekovic and Zoran Milanovic respectively, did not criticise one another too harshly in a debate aired on Friday evening, noting that they were polite to each other.

Petrov: Milanovic, Plenkovic tried to outdo one another in making promises

"I think it's ridiculous to speak about creating hundreds of thousands of jobs or boast about planning to reduce VAT when you know that VAT is a guarantee of budget stability," said Petrov.

Milanovic says bridge to connect mainland, Ciovo island will be opened by year's end

Presenting the coalition's platform, former SDP transport minister Sinisa Hajdas Doncic said that the People's Coalition would work on improving the municipal standard of Trogir residents

Milanovic, Plenkovic face off on economy

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic and Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic faced off on Croatian Television on Friday for the first time ahead of the early September 11 election.

Milanovic: During out term there was only one peasants' protest

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic on Thursday presented the People's Coalition's agriculture election platform and underscored that during the SDP-led Kukuriku coalition's government there had been only one farmers' protest.

People's Coalition presents its education platform; Milanovic: We're here to continue our job

The People's Coalition on Tuesday presented its education platform at the Rijeka University Campus, with Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader and former prime minister Zoran Milanovic saying that his government's results could not be downplayed and that the SDP-led coalition was offering itself to Croatian citizens to continue the job it had been doing.

HRT to air election debate between leaders of HDZ, SDP on Aug 12

Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) said on Monday it would broadcast an election debate between the leaders of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Andrej Plenkovic and Zoran Milanovic, respectively, at 8 pm on August 12.

Petrov wants TV debate with Plenkovic, Milanovic

Bridge party president Bozo Petrov said on Sunday that he would like to take part in a TV debate with Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic and Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic, and announced that his party would soon decide whether he would run against them in Constituency I.

Plenkovic says can't wait for face-off with Milanovic

The president of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Andrej Plenkovic, said in the southern Croatian town of Sinj on Sunday that a television face-off with Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic had not yet been arranged, adding however that he could not wait for a public debate with his political rival and that the HDZ's rating was growing.

People's Coalition lays wreaths at Mirogoj cemetery

Representatives of the People's Coalition on Friday laid wreaths and lit candles at Zagreb's central Mirogoj cemetery on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the military and police Operation Storm, Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and Croatian Veterans Day, saying that they wanted to mark this day in a dignified manner and without involving politics.

Milanovic shocked at ruling against Perkovic and Mustac

The president of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Zoran Milanovic, said on Wednesday he was shocked by the judgement against former members of the Yugoslav and the Croatian intelligence services Josip Perkovic and Zdravko Mustac whom a court in Munich earlier today found guilty of aiding and abetting the murder of Croatian emigrant Stjepan Djurekovic in Germany in 1983, sentencing them both to life in prison.

Bridge says some media pretend as if political duopoly still exists in Croatia

The Bridge party protested in strong terms on Tuesday against reducing TV debates only to the leaders of the SDP and the HDZ, Zoran Milanovic and Andrej Plenkovic respectively, saying that some media pretended as though Croatia was still a "political duopoly".

Plenkovic: I'm glad Milanovic has evolved

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said on Monday he was ready to face Social Democratic Party (SDP) chief Zoran Milanovic in a TV debate, noting that the SDP was running in the September 11 parliamentary election with the same people and the same programme based on which they had lost the previous election.

Milanovic doesn't believe HDZ's promise of VAT cut

Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic on Saturday commented on the Croatian Democratic Union's (HDZ) promise that it would cut VAT if it came to power in September, saying one should not believe the HDZ because it had made similar promises before elections in the past but never kept them.

Milanovic: SDP ousts members under preliminary investigation, HDZ should too

The opposition Social Democratic Party's (SDP) Main Committee formulated slates for an upcoming parliamentary election on Thursday, with SDP president Zoran Milanovic saying the party was not perfect but that it had ousted everyone under preliminary investigation and that he expected the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) to do the same.

HDZ, SDP chiefs exchange arguments about receiving foreign diplomats

"You can tell by Mr Milanovic's statements that the level of nervousness and panic is growing by the day. Since I announced my candidacy for HDZ chief and got elected, the HDZ rating have gone up 31.6%, which means that on every three voters we received one more," Plenkovic told Nova Tv, when asked to comment on Milanovic's statement that Plenkovic's meeting with ambassadors reminded of 1997 when Croatia was under monitoring. 

Milanovic: Bonuses in Hrvatske Sume a mistake

"Regardless of that, you can be assured that the SDP and Minister Jakovina did not benefit from that," Milanovic said.

SDP says Milanovic didn't use catering in Costabella villa

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) on Tuesday refuted in the strongest terms allegations that SDP chief and former prime minister Zoran Milanovic and his family used catering services in the state-owned villa Costabella, saying that such services were used exclusively for official meetings.

SDP leader welcomes HSS's decision

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic on Friday welcomed the decision of the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) Main Committee to cooperate with his party in the forthcoming snap parliamentary election. 

Milanovic: Plenkovic more suitable for liberal Social Democrat than for HDZ chief

He said that the person to be elected HDZ president would have problem cooperating with the team formed by Tomislav Karamarko, especially if they wanted to make the HDZ a modern, right-of-the-centre party.

Milanovic says Brexit won't seriously affect Croatia's stability

Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic said on Friday that "Britons will have to live" with their decision to leave the European Union and that this decision would not have serious repercussions for Croatia's stability.

Milanovic: Dissolution of parliament only way to snap election

Leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Zoran Milanovic on Monday said that he didn't consider parliament's dissolution decision as a great success and reiterated that the SDP supported the option for parliament to be dissolved immediately.

SDP chief: Outgoing government can't move amendments to violence prevention act

Social Democratic Party (SDP) chief Zoran Milanovic said on Monday that the outgoing government had no powers to propose amendments to the Act on the Prevention of Violence at Sporting Events.

Parliament to convene on Monday to decide on dissolution, says SDP chief

I have talked with the Speaker and it has been agreed that the parliament should convene at noon Monday to decide on its dissolution, Milanovic told the press in the Sabor.

SDP chief says Sabor should decide on dissolution right now

"The dissolution of parliament is beyond question. We only need a decision stating that parliament should be dissolved on 15 July. As of that date deadlines start running for calling an early election," Milanovic told the press after the consultation with the president.  

SDP chief says his party will support PM's impeachment

Commenting on the Conflict of Interest Commission's decision in the case of Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko, Milanovic said the decision was irrelevant, saying that the issue was a lot bigger than conflict of interest.

SDP chief says parl must be dissolved, new election called

At this moment SDP is faring well in polls, but that does not mean that we will win the new election, however, the people have realised that we are good and that this experiment (with the current government) has failed, Milanovic told N1 television.

Opposition: Bridge vital in bid to collect signatures for parl. dissolution

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic said on Friday that his party would collect the sufficient number of signatures from lawmakers, if MPs from the Bridge party joined them in this attempt.

SDP hasn't decided how it will vote on PM's impeachment

Milanovic told the press the only sensible decision was to dissolve parliament and call a new election, in September at the latest, although he said it should take place as early as mid-July.

Opposition chief pushes for early election, possibly in July

The president of the biggest Opposition party -- the Social Democrats (SDP) -- Zoran Milanovic, on Tuesday pushed for early election, possibly already in July, and for early dissolution of the national parliament given that there is no government.

Milanovic: I don't see how Karamarko could get majority support in parliament

Milanovic made the statement in an interview with Nova TV, noting that he was not following the current developments between the partners in the government "either with amusement or with approval."

Milanovic says request for vote of no confidence in Karamarko to be submitted today

He confirmed that his party had held talks with Bridge on the matter, adding that "unfortunately, one can't speak about Bridge as a united political entity."

SDP to initiate Karamarko's impeachment on Wednesday

The SDP asked for Karamarko's resignation in parliament last week, accusing him of putting private interests before national ones because of his wife's business dealings with MOL consultant Josip Petrovic.

SDP to move no-condifence vote in Karamarko

Such an incestuous relationship is impossible, Milanovic told a news conference held in the SDP headquarters, underscoring that Karamarko must make up his mind whether he wanted to be in public or private business.  

Opposition chief says Croatia is without government

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic said on Saturday that Croatia currently had no government which he found to be worrisome.

Milanovic: President could be summoned by parl. commission over Lozancic case

"She should not be surprised if parliament summons her to explain her allegations, because the burden of providing evidence is on her and not on Lozancic," Milanovic told the press 

Opposition leader: President's conduct frivolous and irresponsible

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic on Thursday commented on his Facebook profile that "Mrs Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic's behaviour is frivolous and irresponsible."

Grabar-Kitarovic: Ex-SOA chief was Milanovic's personal intelligence officer

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, speaking in a television interview on Wednesday, accused former Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA) chief Dragan Lozancic of having served as a "personal intelligence officer" for former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic.

Opposition chief criticises government

The president of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and former Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic, said on Friday the incumbent government had not done anything in its first 100 days in office, adding that the announced reforms "are nothing but a pose."

Jasenovac concentration camp victims commemorated

Former Croatian President and honorary SABA president Stjepan Mesic said that three separate commemorations for the Jasenovac concentration camp victims were the result of an attempt to falsify the history

Opposition chief says government lacks concept

The HDZ president, who has been re-elected as the only candidate running for the post, is a person who had infiltrated the police as a fake police officer in the 1990s. People like that are meddling into the security and repressive system their whole life.... 

Milanovic: Deficit decrease proves we did our job responsibly

The leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and former Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic, has said that the latest figures showing a decrease in the budget deficit were proof that his government had worked well and responsibly.

Milanovic: SDP won't stay in the opposition for long

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic told the party's election convention in Zagreb on Saturday that the SDP would not stay in the opposition for long and would return to power.

Milanovic: Arbitration proceedings launched by banks are void

"The arbitration proceedings banks have been launching at international courts in line with old agreements are void today, judging by what we know, judging by the opinion of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and the European Commission," 

Karamarko says wants to believe Milanovic will invest more energy in stabilising social relations

I want to believe that the SDP and Zoran Milanovic... will invest much more effort in stabilising social relations and that we will compete for our citizens' political support and trust in a fair and decent way. 

Milanovic re-elected SDP leader

After being re-elected on Saturday to lead the the Social Democratic Party (SDP)  for the next four years, Zoran Milanovic said that anyone who thought that the fierce campaign would cause harm to the party was mistaken.

Milanovic takes overwhelming lead in SDP leadership election - unofficial

Polling stations for the election of the leader of Croatia's strongest opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) closed at 6pm on Saturday and the vote count is under way.

Milanovic confident of victory, says will continue to "strike fear in HDZ"

"Everyone in the SDP will continue to have their inalienable right to criticise without arguments, including the occasional slandering, that's the way it is. We function that way," he said.  

Milanovic says withdrawal from border arbitration one of his favourite decisions

"The tribunal is now buying time and I think that all this is leading to a definitive and unpostponable end of the arbitration," Milanovic said during a visit to the Istria County town of Pazin.

Parliamentary opposition slams budget proposal

Opposition benches in parliament on Tuesday criticised this year's draft budget with Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic  accusing the government of focussing only on resolving mutual disagreements.

Milanovic: Rhetoric in SDP intraparty campaign milder than in US

"When you see what words they use, admittedly I still haven't heard any reference to Goebbels there , no-one has referred to Trump as Goebbels, so I'm ahead in that one, even though I truly do not measure up to Goebbels. He was a psychopath. 

SDP chief: First austerity measure should be to sack HDZ sympathisers

"There needs to be order in the welfare benefits system, we introduced that. The HDZ generally ruins everything and then we come and introduce order," Milanovic said reflecting on a European Commission's early warning signal to adjust the budget.  

Milanovic, Komadina candidates for SDP president

The Main Committee of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) on Saturday confirmed the nominations of Zoran Milanovic and Zlatko Komadina for party president, whereby the official election campaign in the strongest opposition party began.

SDP chief accuses President of infringing on premier's powers

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic has assessed that Croatia currently "has neither a government nor Prime Minister", and criticised President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic of claiming powers to which she is not entitled.

SDP against sending troops to border

 "Thereby, they are showing that they are an accidental government and that we have no government, yet we should have it."

Slovenia FM: Cooperation in managing refugee crisis improves with new Cro gov't

"Cooperation with the new Croatian government regarding migrants is much better than with the previous government led by (Prime Minister Zoran) Milanovic," Erjavec said in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

Milanovic: Croatia isn't Teva, can't be run by remote control

He was commenting on the European Commission's latest report on Croatia and Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic's claims that the previous, Milanovic-run government was to blame for the bad report, saying the report was not as bad as portrayed by Oreskovic.

Milanovic: GDP growth result of my government's work

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic said on Friday that the 1.9% increase of GDP in the final quarter of 2015 was the result of the work of his government over the previous four years.

Karamarko says PM's message addressed to those who speak about "us and them"

"Someone has promised a pact on the public scene and I can see that we are in that scenario. I resolutely dismiss that and that kind of dialogue," the HDZ leader said,

Milanovic says PM should draw up budget, not lecture on etiquette

"We don't have a government and that's Croatia's problem, we don't need someone now lecturing someone about manners. With some people, you can't talk in a nicer way," Milanovic said.