Zlatko Komadina

Komadina, Lalovac, Ostojic, Grbin new SDP deputy chiefs

 Delegates of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) elected Zlatko Komadina, Boris lalovac, Rajko Ostojic and Pedja Grbin as deputy SDP chiefs at a party convention on Saturday.

Milanovic confident of victory, says will continue to "strike fear in HDZ"

"Everyone in the SDP will continue to have their inalienable right to criticise without arguments, including the occasional slandering, that's the way it is. We function that way," he said.


Milanovic, Komadina candidates for SDP president

The Main Committee of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) on Saturday confirmed the nominations of Zoran Milanovic and Zlatko Komadina for party president, whereby the official election...

Picula says will support Komadina as candidate for SDP president

He recalled that the SDP Main Committee would hold a session next week and that he expected it to discuss the results of the last parliamentary elections, which were lost by the Croatia Is Growing...

Komadina: It's time for a democratic and modern SDP

"Before democratising and modernising society, we must first democratise and modernise ourselves. It is time for change, for a democratic and modern SDP," Komadina said in a statement. 

Split mayor supports Komadina's candidacy for SDP leader

Baldasar said that there was not enough democracy in the SDP and that the current party leadership, headed by Zoran Milanovic, had not consulted sufficiently with and respected party members.

Milanovic speaks of his programme for another term as SDP leader

Speaking to the press after a meeting of the SDP Presidency, Milanovic said that he was a stauncher advocate of social democracy than his critics, noting that his government had enough courage to...

Komadina confirms will run for SDP president

"I  confirm that I will announce my candidacy when the Main Committee calls the election," Komadina said after a meeting of the party's presidency which unanimously decided on the election date...

Election for SDP President set for March 12

The decision still has to be confirmed by the party's Main Committee, which is to meet on January 23.

HRK 25 mln invested in Platak ski resort

County representatives visited the ski resort near Rijeka and the recently reconstructed 'Veliki Dom' facility.