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Human Shield: Oreskovic's nomination as PM-designate "turned off light of democracy"

Human Shield expects Oreskovic to continue with austerity policies and the privatisation of public goods and to reduce citizens' rights

Sincic says SDP didn't ask for his support

We talked about the situation in the country, the financial crisis, the Croatian National Bank and the inauguration of the new parliament. 

HDZ, SDP-led coalitions each win in five constituencies, Most emerging as the third-strongest party

The MOST (Bridge) alliance, which has won an unexpectedly large number of votes, has scored the best result in central Zagreb and in southern Croatia.

Patriotic Coalition wins 59 seats, Croatia Is Growing 56, MOST 19, others 9 seats

The two biggest coalitions have won elections in five constituencies each while MOST scored the best results in central Zagreb and in the south of the country.

Sincic pleased with exit poll results, expects more seats

"We are pleased with the results because we made it into parliament, but we will know more after the State Electoral Commission releases preliminary results.