UN warns of rapid spread of devastating pest in Africa

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization on Tuesday called for urgent action against a pest devastating maize fields in Africa, saying it risked spreading to a growing number of...

Zimbabwe police arrest prominent social media campaigner

Zimbabwe police arrested a pastor who gained international attention with a social media protest against President Robert Mugabe, a human rights lawyer said Wednesday.

Report: In-laws seizing property from thousands of Zimbabwean widows

Thousands of Zimbabwean widows are being left destitute every year when their in-laws evict them from their homes and steal their property, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.

Zimbabwean pastor arrested after prophesying Mugabe's death

A prominent Zimbabwean pastor was arrested Monday after prophesying that President Robert Mugabe, 92, will die on October 17 this year, police and the pastor's lawyer said.

Elephant sale to China sparks criticism in Zimbabwe

Animal rights campaigners in Zimbabwe hit back at the government Friday after it confirmed the sale of 35 elephants to China to reduce overpopulation and raise funds for conservation.

Zimbabwe first lady defies eviction order, lawyer says

Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe is defying a court order to leave three properties that she seized from a Lebanese businessman in a dispute over a 1.35-million-dollar diamond ring, the...

Zimbabwe president Mugabe, 92, confirmed as presidential candidate

Zimbabwe's 92-year-old President Robert Mugabe was Saturday confirmed as his party's only candidate in the 2018 presidential elections, despite mounting protests against his 36-year rule.

Zimbabwe court sentences opposition officials to 20 years for murder

Zimbabwe's High Court on Monday sentenced three opposition officials to 20 years in prison each on charges of stoning a police officer to death when demonstrators clashed with police in 2009.

Zimbabwe launches bond notes amid fear of massive inflation

 Zimbabwe’s central bank on Monday issued 10 million dollars’ worth of bond notes to address the country’s cash shortage, sparking fears that the move could trigger massive inflation.

Zimbabwe drops charges in killing of Cecil the lion

A Zimbabwe court has dropped charges against a professional hunter who helped a US trophy hunter kill a well-known lion near a national park in 2015.

Outrage as Mugabe son-in-law appointed to lead Zimbabwe airline

Zimbabweans vented their outrage Wednesday over the appointment of President Robert Mugabe's son-in-law as chief operations officer of national airline Air Zimbabwe, a move seen as strengthening...

Zimbabwe introduces bond notes to combat cash shortages

Zimbabwe will launch notes with equivalent US dollar values to ease cash shortages and promote exports starting next month, the central bank announced Thursday.

Zimbabwe bans opposition protests despite court ruling

Authorities in Zimbabwe on Monday again announced a ban on opposition protests through October 16, state television reported.

Mugabe rejects calls for early polls as protesters clash with police

President Robert Mugabe Friday said he will not be pushed towards early elections, as anti-government protestors calling for his immediate resignation clashed with police in Zimbabwe’s capital,...

Zimbabwe court declares anti-government protest ban invalid

Zimbabwe's High Court Wednesday declared a two-week ban on anti-government protests "invalid," saying it curtailed citizens' rights.