Zdravko Maric

FinMin says accusations against him over Agrokor unfounded

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Friday he felt no pressure to resign, that the Opposition's accusations against him were unfounded and that, when he worked in the Agrokor concern, he was not responsible for financial statements.

Three reports filed against finance minister over Agrokor case

The Croatian Parliament's Conflict of Interest Commission has received three reports against Finance Minister Zdravko Maric which focus on the fact that before his latest post he was an employee of the Agrokor food and retail concern, Commission chair Dalija Oreskovic confirmed to reporters on Thursday.

FinMin: I won't be limiting factor in resolving Agrokor situation

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric, who used to be an executive in the Agrokor Group, on Tuesday said in Brussels that in no way would he be a limiting factor in resolving the current crisis in that privately-owned concern.

FinMin says unchanged gas price won't endanger power utility's business

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Wednesday that keeping the gas price for households unchanged would not endanger the business of the HEP power supplier and that the government had not decided not to change the gas price for politicking reasons, as it was at the beginning of its term.

FinMin says Agrokor too big a company for state not to pay attention

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Wednesday Agrokor was too big a company for the state not to pay attention to it, voicing confidence that the agricultural and food concern's management would find a way to overcome the business problems.

FinMin comments on situation in Agrokor

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric  said on Thursday that he was aware of the situation in the Agrokor food concern, adding however that he did not think the company would go bankrupt because it was still a good company.

Task force to be formed to draw up law on financing of local self-government units

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric has said that next week he will propose appointing a task force to draw up a new law on the financing of units of local and regional self-government, which is expected to present a new model for the financing of those units by the end of May.

Non-taxable annual student earnings HRK 60,600

The non-taxable annual cumulative amount that students can earn amounts to HRK 60,600 and it won't be calculated on a monthly basis, while the contentious provisions in income tax regulations will be amended by the end of the month, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric and Science and Education Minister Pavo Barisic told a delegation of the student corps on Friday.

Ministers promise lower extra taxes to offset higher VAT for restaurant services

Croatian ministers of tourism and finance, Gari Cappelli and Zdravko Maric, on Monday said that a set of measures envisaged in the proposed tax reform should offset the effect of the rise of the Value Added Tax to 25% for the restaurant services.

FinMin says bad loans total approx. HRK 40 billion

Defending the planned comprehensive tax reform in parliament on Tuesday, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric dismissed objections from the Opposition that the reform would benefit primarily banks and less so entrepreneurs while ordinary citizens would benefit the least, informing MPs that the amount of bad loans in mid-2016 stood at around 40 billion kuna.

FinMin: Tax Fraud Office won't be abolished but strengthened

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Sunday that the planned tax reform would not abolish the Tax Fraud Office but rather strengthen it and integrate it with the Tax Authority, and that its autonomy and integrity would remain preserved.

Lalovac accuses Maric of making deal with banks

Social Democratic Party (SDP) MP and former finance minister Boris Lalovac on Friday accused the government of trying to push "under the radar of public attention" draft amendments to the profit tax law that would allow banks to write off bad loans in 2017 at the expense of the state budget.

FinMin says tax reform effect in 1st year up to HRK 2b

The effect of the draft tax reform in the first year will range from HRK 1.9 billion to 2 billion but the lower taxes to GDP ratio will have a positive effect on the long term potential growth rate and the system will become simpler, more transparent and more just, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Thursday.

Minister: Tax reform to be prepared in parallel with work on 2017 budget

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said ahead of a meeting with Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Monday that the planned tax reform should be discussed by the government and that its implementation would be prepared in parallel with work on a draft budget for next year.

Plenkovic: Gov't formation as planned

Commenting on his decision to appoint Goran Maric of the HDZ a minister without a portfolio, Prime Minister Designate and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) chief Andrej Plenkovic said on Wednesday that "everything is proceeding according to plan", while Maric briefly told the press: "I am not a minister without a portfolio."

Petrov: Maric's appointment as minister without portfolio agreed with Bridge party

Prime Minister designate Andrej Plenkovic sent to parliament late on Tuesday evening a proposal to appoint Goran Maric of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) a minister without a portfolio who will be in charge of managing state property and coordination between state offices and Parliament Speaker Bozo Petrov confirmed on Wednesday the decision was agreed with his Bridge party.

Minister says tax reform to broaden tax base, stimulate economic activity

Outgoing Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Tuesday that the planned tax reform would focus on income and profit tax breaks, which he believes will result in a broader tax base and stimulate economic activity. 

FinMin: Tax reforms core of fiscal policies

Economic growth and consequently increased employment, the continuation of fiscal consolidation and activation of 'dormant' capital will be the pillars of fiscal policies in the coming period with special emphasis on an overall tax reform, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Friday, but he stopped short of specifying tax reforms.

Croatia successful in absorbing EU funds, ministry says

Croatia drew HRK 6.28 billion (EUR 837 million) from EU funds in the first ten months of this year, the largest amount since it was granted access to EU funding, the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds said in a statement on Thursday, citing data from the Ministry of Finance.

FinMin says IMF, WB satisfied with stable gov't as prerequisite for reforms

Caretaker Finance Minister Zdravko Maric held talks with World Bank and International Monetary Fund representatives in Washington on Saturday, saying that they viewed positively the fact that Croatia was in a position to have a stable parliamentary majority and government, that the 2017 budget was being drawn up and that, despite tight deadlines, he would do his utmost to implement tax changes.

FinMin thinks deal with banks on loan conversion lawsuits possible

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Monday he thought it was still possible, through talks and an agreement with banks, to avoid "unnecessary court, arbitration and other costs" because of lawsuits which banks have announced against Croatia over the conversion of Swiss franc loans.

Economists: Tax breaks only one in string of necessary economic measures

Economic analysts have welcomed caretaker Finance Minister Zdravko Maric's announcement of tax breaks but they warn that the planned tax changes are only one in a number of measures that need to be implemented to make the national economy more competitive.

Croatia to send its reply to EC on loan conversion early next week, says minister

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric has said that the government's reply regarding the conversion of loans pegged to the Swiss franc will be sent to the European Commission early next week at the latest.

Croatian FinMin says UniCredit's letter is announcement of lawsuit

Caretaker Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Saturday that a letter about the conversion of Swiss franc loans which Italy's UniCredit had sent the Foreign Ministry was the announcement of a lawsuit, and that the European Commission had extended until September 30 the deadline by which Croatia should reply to it about the conversion.

FinMin: Purpose of tax reform is to increase personal income and cut costs

Caretaker finance minister Zdravko Maric said on Saturday that the purpose of the planned tax reform was to increase personal disposable income and cut corporate and household costs.

FinMin: Budget gap to be cut to close to 2% of GDP in 2017

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Wednesday he was confident that the budget deficit would be reduced to more than the planned 2.6% of GDP by the end of this year and that the plan was to additionally reduce the deficit to come closer to 2% in 2017.

FinMin: Budget almost balanced, expenditures under control

At its first session after Sunday's snap parliamentary election, the caretaker government on Wednesday adopted a report on budget execution in the first half of the year. Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said that the budget execution was above expectations and Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic added that these were the best results since 2008.

HDZ presents solutions to tackle corporate, household insolvency

The economic strategists of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Ivana Maletic, Zdravko Maric and Tomislav Coric, on Monday presented the party's solutions to the problem of corporate and household insolvency.

Croatian finance ministry issues EUR 1.5 bln in treasury bills

The Finance Ministry on Tuesday issued EUR 1.5 billion worth of new treasury bonds, half a billion more than planned, most of which will be used to re-schedule due debts.

FinMin says Fitch rating is good news

Caretaker Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Saturday it was good news that the Fitch Ratings agency had affirmed Croatia's long-term foreign and local currency issuer default ratings at 'BB' with negative outlooks.

Budget gap reduced by 5.1 bn kuna in H1

In the first six months of 2016, Croatia's budget deficit came to HRK 2.4 billion, making up 0.7 % of GDP, and falling by 5.1 billion kuna compared to H1 2015, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said at a news conference in Zagreb on Friday. 

FinMin says S&P rating best under given circumstances

Croatian Finance Minister Zdravko Maric has said that the decision of the S&P Global Ratings agency to affirm its 'BB' long-term and 'B' short-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings on Croatia with the outlook remaining negative "is the best we could achieve in the current moment".

FinMin: Conversion implemented lawfully, we will protect budget and taxpayers

The EC on Friday confirmed that it had sent Croatia a formal warning in mid-June regarding the conversion of loans denominated in Swiss francs into euro loans, being of the opinion that the country's loan conversion law had shifted all of the conversion costs onto banks and that its retroactive application jeopardised the principle of legal security.

Gov't to provide funds for storm-hit Osijek hospital

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric in the caretaker government said on Wednesday that the necessary funds from the state budgets would be allotted to offset damage inflicted on the Osijek hospital during a recent summer storm.

FInMin: Govt bonds to be issued on domestic market by week's end

Caretaker Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Tuesday that a transaction to borrow money on the domestic market would be completed by the end of the week and that he expected the price of the issue to be lower than was the case at the start of the year.

FinMin says Brexit a major change, but no need to panic

Maric said that the referendum decision had taken him by surprise because the circles he had communicated with had wished and expected Great Britain to remain in the EU.

HDZ official: Parliament to vote on PM's impeachment Thursday

Maric said he told the HDZ Presidency he was honoured by the decision nominating him as prime minister designate

HDZ presidency unanimously backs Maric as PM designate

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Presidency unanimously decided to give Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic a vote of no confidence in parliament and nominate Zdravko Maric as the HDZ's prime minister designate, Maric, the incumbent finance minister, and Domagoj Milosevic, the party's secretary-general, said on Monday.

HDZ proposes Finance Minister Zdravko Maric as new prime minister-designate

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Presidency decided on Friday afternoon to propose incumbent Finance Minister Zdravko Maric as the new prime minister-designate in a government reshuffle. 

FinMin: President's criticism constructive

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Tuesday that President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic's criticism regarding the implementation of reforms was constructive, adding that it was in fact a recommendation that reforms should not be postponed.

FinMin announces bond issue on domestic market in early July

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Monday ruled out the Greek scenario for the country and announced the possibility of issuing government bonds on the domestic market before summer holidays.

Minister Maric meets European commissioner for financial stability

The two officials also discussed Croatia's law on the conversion of loans pegged to the Swiss franc to ones indexed in euros, which Commissioner Hill recently criticised.

Croatia set to tighten fiscal responsibility

Croatian Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Tuesday announced amendments to the Fiscal Responsibility Act in a bid to make the existing fiscal rule stricter, reinforce public finance management at all levels and to empower the Fiscal Responsibility Commission.

FinMin Maric announces talks with banks, his predecessor slams idea

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric has announced the resumption of negotiations with executives of commercial banks operating in Croatia with regard to the conversion of the Swiss franc-pegged loans into the euro-denominated lending, ...

FinMin says EBRD revises projections upward because of Croatia's good economic performance

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has revised upward its projection of Croatia's economic growth in 2016 to 1.5% from its initial forecast of about +0.5%.

FinMin says comprehensive solutions to amend tax system being prepared

"You won't hear any speculations from me. That is not good for the tax system or for investments," the minister said in Opatija on Friday where he was attending a conference on the money market.

FinMin says revised EC projection still close to that made by gov't

The European Commission on Tuesday released its Spring 2016 Forecast, mildly reducing Croatia's economic growth outlook to 1.8%, the main reason for this being the poor results in Q4 2015.

FinMin announces changes to tax system

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric announced on Thursday that the government would soon unveil a comprehensive package of amendments to tax legislation, which might enter into force next year.

World Bank vice president for Europe, central Asia completes Croatia visit

The World Bank officials also held meetings at the President’s and the Prime Minister’s offices and with the diplomatic community, "to discuss Croatia's reform agenda and reconfirm the World Bank Group's commitment and support to the Government's efforts."

FinMin: One of the main goals is to cuts borrowing costs

One of the important objectives of the Croatian government is to reduce the costs of borrowing, which are now to high, Croatian Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said in Amsterdam on Saturday.

FinMin: Statistics send clear message to EC, rating agencies

"As we said at the start of our term (at the beginning of this year), in 2016 we have two main economic goals - stepping up economic growth and employment and stabilising public finance," Maric said in a statement for Hina,

FinMin rules out gov't reshuffle

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Wednesday that a government reshuffle was out of the question at this moment and that the implementation of reforms would divert attention from less important matters.

Petrov, Maric dismiss criticism against gov'ts proposal to strip ex-president of office

The government is expected to put forward the decision to rescind the Office of former President Stjepan Mesic, explaining this as a austerity measure.

Finance Ministry involved in shedding light on Panama Papers case

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said in Zagreb on Tuesday that Croatian anti-money laundering services were in contact with such services abroad and were actively involved in dealing with the Panama Papers case.

Fin Min: The key is to upgrade credit rating

"From today's perspective, we have some sort of economic growth, last year it was 1.6% and this year we foresee a somewhat higher growth rate, however, the credit rating is a big challenge. If we want to make growth sustainable and stronger, it's clear that we have to strengthen credit growth,"

FinMin: 93.6% of CHF-indexed loans converted

More than 50,000 CHF-indexed loans have been converted, or about 93.6%, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said in Zagreb on Tuesday on the margins of a conference called "Loans and Economic Growth".

Finance ministry says carefully following Panama Papers case

The Croatian Finance Ministry said on Monday that it was carefully following developments regarding the Panama Papers scandal and was taking all measures and activities envisaged by the relevant laws regarding information on the possible involvement of Croatian companies or nationals in the scandal.

FinMin: Gov't will introduce ESA2010 methodology with 2017 budget

Maric said this during a debate on the draft 2016 budget at a session of the parliamentary finance committee.

FinMin says gov't won't hesistate and delay reforms

"The government and everyone who cares about Croatia can be satisfied with the decision to lower the credit rating," Maric told the press after Moody's on Friday lowered Croatia's ratings by one notch. 

HDZ MP accuses central bank of destroying small banks

During a parliamentary discussion on the HNB report for the first half of 2015, Maric said that any negative mention of the HNB's performance was seen as if it contained "elements of a coup".

Deficit to be covered by borrowing, privatisation, says FinMin

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Wednesday the government planned to borrow again, possibly in the spring, to cover a planned budgetary deficit of HRK 9.2 billion, which would be financed in part also with revenues from the privatisation of state property.

FinMin pleased with EC's decision

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric is pleased with the European Commission's decision not to take corrective action for Croatia over excessive macroeconomic imbalances.

FinMin won't speculate about EC decision on Croatia's macroeconomic imbalances

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric would not speculate on Tuesday about a European Commission decision on the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure which the Commission will adopt later today.

Personal consumption, new projects will back economic growth, says FinMin

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric has said that 220 tenders worth EUR 2.5-3 billion are being prepared for infrastructure and other projects, and that personal consumption growth, resulting from a recovery of the labour market, is expected to back economic growth.

FinMin says tax reform proposal to be put forward in few months

"Now we are not ready for that, but after an analysis is done, in about four to five months, I believe that we should be ready for an integral solution for the tax system," said Maric, adding that he was not in favour of any radical solutions.

FinMin presets budget guidelines to President's economic council

The Croatian President's Council for Economic Issues on Wednesday received Finance Minister Zdravko Maric who presented the council with detailed guidelines for the 2016 budget and medium-term projections.

FinMin: Government's main responsibility is revenues side of budget

"You are right to have great expectations of the government, but I too have certain expectations of you and of the entire economy, together to make certain progress and to join efforts to help set Croatia and its economy on the path of recovery and then growth,"

FinMin: Budget expenditure projected at HRK 120bn

It is important to emphasise that the level of budget expenditure financed from so-called general sources such as taxes and contributions will not exceed last year's level, while other expenditure should be covered by EU funding, ...

FinMin says expects 2% GDP growth, but there are negative risks

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Saturday that this year the government expected the economy to grow approximately 2%, but that there were negative risks that come with those assessments, primarily due to external factors.

FinMin: Budget to be adopted on March 10, deficit target 3% of GDP

The Croatian government intends to adopt a budget for this year on March 10 and plans to reduce the budget deficit to 3% of GDP, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said in Brussels on Friday.

FinMin says new gov't will intensify growth

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Thursday that the European Commission's projection of Croatia's 2016 growth outlook of 2.1% was "a good starting point", and promised that the government would do its best to accelerate that growth.

Economy minister says cuts must be made

Cuts most definitely come from restructuring, the minister said adding that the government would see which way it would carry out the merger of agencies or scaling down of agencies.

FinMin rules out tax changes in 2016

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Tuesday that he would prepare macroeconomic prerequisites over the next two weeks relating to economic growth, inflation and personal consumption, underscoring that there would be no additional changes to the tax system.

FinMin: No changes to tax system this year

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Tuesday said that he would prepare macroeconomic prerequisites over the next two weeks relating to economic growth, inflation and personal consumption, ...

FinMin says 2016 budget first test, basis of future credit ratings

Maric voiced confidence that the government, with its moves, would dispel the doubts Fitch voiced in its report concerning public debt reduction, the reforms expected to encourage economic growth, and the new government's stability.

FinMin calls on unions to show patience

"I urge them to show a little bit more patience regarding the meeting, given that the government was formed only six days ago, This is one of the priorities. to me and to my colleagues, so the meeting will most definitely happen,"

CHF loan holders pleased with talks with ministers of finance, justice

"They are open for talks," Goran Aleksic of Franak told reporters after meeting with Finance Minister Zdravko Maric and Justice Minister Anto Sprlje, adding that they informed the ministers about irregularities in the conversion and what they expected of them.

Gov't, IMF officials hold meeting

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said before the meeting with the IMF delegation that the appointment of the new government had coincided with a change at the helm of the IMF Mission in Croatia and that its new head Khaled Sakr had come to introduce himself.

FinMin says no new taxes in 2016

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Tuesday said that he planned no interventions in the tax system in 2016, and explained that any move in that regard would be made after a thorough analysis of the entire system.

Economists for reducing budget outlays by EUR 400-500 mln in 2016

Lipa association representative Davor Huic said the first goal should be to reduce the expenditures side of the budget by HRK 3-4 billion.

FinMin: Economic and fiscal guidelines to be prepared in next weeks

The new finance minister expects that the budget for 2016 would be finalised in March, explaining that he would try to make sure that everything would be ready before the end of March.